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Finding accommodation in Lausanne

Lausanne being a popular destination, we advise you to organise your accommodation as early as possible. On this page you will find  useful information regarding accomodation in Lausanne:

Hotels, campsites, bed & breakfast,...

You can find a list of hotels, accommodation, campsites and bed & breakfast on the Tourist Information Office website www.lausanne-tourisme.ch by clicking on "accommodation".

Student accommodation

Students' rooms are not located on a University campus, but are located in several students' halls or students' houses in Lausanne.

Monthly rates vary between 400 and 950 CHF.

Ask for complete information, pay attention to what is offered :

  • is it near the University or is it easy to get there by public transport ?
  • individual or shared bathroom ?
  • internet connection ?
  • single, double or shared room ?
  • are sheets, duvet, pillow included in the rent ?
  • is breakfast included ?
  • is it possible to rent for a month, a week or a day ?
  • etc.

You will find a short (non-exhaustive) list of the offers in Lausanne on the page "Student accommodation".

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