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Your first day

On the first Monday of your course, take with you :

  • your Enrolment confirmation letter
  • pens, pencils, paper...
  • some money for lunch
  • Meeting at 8.30 am, room 1031
  • In the Anthropole building ("How to contact us").

After a few welcome words, you will take part in a written assessment test. Then there will be an information session concerning the Cours de vacances. After lunch, an oral assessment test for all students will be held in the same conference room. The first day will end around 3.30 pm.

Students must be present for this first day. It allows the Cours de vacances to optimise organisation of the classes for all the students.

On the following day (Tuesday), the Cours de vacances team will be awaiting you in the same room as on Monday and at the same time (8h30 am). You will meet your teacher and your class, and you will go to your classroom together. The Class lists will be displayed on the Cours de vacances' noticeboard in front of the secretarial office.


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 Written assessment test
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Test de classement oral
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