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Enrolment and payment

Who can join the Cours de vacances ?

The Cours de vacances is open to all non French-speaking people who wish to learn French. Students must be over 17 years old. No qualification is required.

You wish to enrol ...

The enrolment involves two steps:

1. Pre-enrolment
2. Payment of the fees

Your enrolment is definitive once we receive your payment (for all chosen courses).

If you pay by bank transfer and to validate your enrolment, you have to pay within 10 days after your pre-enrolment. Passed this deadline your pre-enrolment is automatically cancelled.

If you pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard), your enrolment is validated once the payment is made.

You have problems with the payment? Please contact quickly the office by phone (+41 21 692 30 90) or by email (coursdevacances@unil.ch).


Passed this deadline, it is possible to enroll if places are still available but with a less advantageous price.

You have already enrolled once in the Cours de vacances and would like to enrol again?
Please contact us! You will not be able to enrol if you have forgotten your password. So send us an email telling us which courses you wish to enrol for  and we shall proceed to the registration on your previous enrolment.

Click on the following links to enrol :

  1. pre-enrolment
  2. payment
  3. ... we are looking forward to seeing you on your first day of the Cours de vacances !


Do you need a visa for Switzerland ?

Start the process to obtain your visa several months in advance. Our advice ...


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