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Your enrolment is validated by the payment of the course fee (total amount for all chosen courses, intensive + additional). In order to reserve your place, we suggest you pay within 10 days of your enrolment.

The fee must be paid before December the 17th 2014. If the payment deadline is not respected, your pre-enrolment will be cancelled. In this case, contact the secretary's office as soon as possible by telephone (+41 21 692 30 90) or by e-mail (coursdevacances@unil.ch).

How to do the payment ?

Once we receive your pre-enrolment, we will send you a letter or an e-mail of pre-enrolment confirmation with all the necessary details for the payment (our bank references and your invoice number).

Please add the following information to your payment :

  • the name of the student + "Cours de vacances"
  • the bill number
  • "Without charges for the beneficiary" (the bank charges are for the student)

Be careful: don't pay if you didn't receive a pre-enrolment confirmation!

Payment by cheque or credit card is not accepted.

Your payment will be confirmed by letter or by e-mail. You will also receive the necessary information for your first day of course.

 inside this site:

If you do not receive an Enrolment and payment Confirmation after you have paid the fees, contact us (before the start of your course) so we can make sure that you are properly enroled!

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