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Conditions to obtain the 6 ECTS credits (B1 to C2)

You are at an intermediate to advanced level (B1 to C2)

  • read the Tutorial Programme Description as enroling in it implies that you accept its conditions
  • enrol online in 6 conscutive weeks of intensive courses and send us an email applying for the tutorial programme to obtain 6 ECTS credits before the 3rd of June 2014
  • provide details of the contact person at your University who can guarantee the validation of your credits.
  • Obtain the B1 level at the assessment test on your first day of the course
  • attend the class and the credit programme on a regular basis during six weeks : we demand an active participation and 80% attendance, this means less than 24 periods of absence (= 6 mornings) over the 6 weeks
  • write and present a academic essay relating to one of the conferences
  • write a diary on your stay based on the model of the European language Portfolio (ELP)
  • write a learning journal based on the model of the ELP
  • pass the final exam


The total of the study hours amounts to 85 hours on top of the 6 weeks of intensive classes. You will have a few hours of personnal work and meetings with your tutor in the afternoons every week.

At the end of the 6-week programme and only if you meet all the conditions (according to your level), you will obtain 6 ECTS credits and receive an "Attestation de crédits" from the Université de Lausanne.


from the 21st of July to the 29th of August 2014

Fee :
1000 CHF to obtain the credits + 1200 CHF for the 6-week course, total = 2200 CHF

French Studies Certificate

If you have obtained the B1 level at least at the assessment test on your first day of the course, at the end of the tutorial programme, you will take a written and oral exam. If you pass this exam you will obtain the French Studies Certificate intermediate (B1-B2) or advanced level (C1-C2) according to your level at the beginning of the 6-week session. Please note that this certificate is not a University degree.

This certificate allows you to obtain six ECTS credits.

More about the French Studies Certificate : click here

Schedule Example

 To see course descriptions select the corresponding underlined course.

  Monday  Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:15 - 10:45 Class Class Class Class Class
11:15 - 12:00 Workshop* Workshop*  Workshop*  Workshop*  Workshop*
13:15 - 17:00 Personal work
to give in

meeting with
the tutor
personal work
to give in

meeting with
the tutor
12:30 - 16:30  CMM CMM CMM CMM CMM

 *Literature, Radio, Translation, Business French

No classes or meetings on the 1st of August, Swiss National Day: the schedule will be modified for remedial classes and meetings.

 in this site:

Tutorial Programme Description, B1-C2

the document is being edited and will be available very soon!

Attestation de crédits example

pdf   attest_6credits_B1-C2.pdf  (514 Kb)

Example of a Certificat d'études françaises

pdf   Certificat_d_etudes_francaises.pdf  (98 Kb)

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