Semi-intensive course

Characteristics of the semi-intensive course

The Semi-intensive course is specifically designed for students who want to learn the French language by attending courses over a half day only (in the morning). The content of the courses are of levels A1 to C1, more details about the courses are available on Le Fil.

 Students take an assessment test on the first day of the course in order to be placed in the class which matches their language learning level.



The Semi-intensive course takes place over 3 weeks. In the Summer you can attend 3, 6 or 9 weeks in total.
You can find details of this cours on Le Fil.




It is possible to take the Semi-intensive cours with the "Introduction to Academic Texts" option  (from level A2 reached). 



The Semi-intensive course awards you with an attendance attestation on which are mentioned the level and content of the attended course and the number of class hours.

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