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Nicola Bedoni
Graduate Assistant, Group Rivolta


Research project: Study of Inherited Retinal Degenerations using whole genome sequencing and autozygome-based analysis

Keywords: Next generation sequencing, bioinformatics, molecular biology, inheritance, human genetics

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Tugce Bilgin Sonay
Research Associate, Group Dessimoz


Research project: Evolution of gene regulation through long non-coding RNA

Keywords: lincRNA, evolution, gene expression, cis-regulation, positive selection

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Sarvenaz Choobdar
Postdoctoral position, Group Bergmann



Leonardo De Oliveira Martins
Postdoctoral Researcher SNSF, Group Dessimoz


Research project: Clustering and visualisation models for comparing gene families

Keywords: Phylogenomics, species trees, clustering, genomics, visualisation

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David Dylus
Postdoctoral position, Group Dessimoz


Research projects:
- Fast phylogenomic data generation from reads by sidestepping assembly, annotation and orthology prediction
- Tree visualisation and side by side tree comparison using
- Benchmarking of NGS pipelinesfor outbreak detection within hospitals in Switzerland

Keywords: Phylogenomics, benchmarking, visualisation, evolution, orthology

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Ikram El Zaoui
Postdoctoral position, Group Rivolta


Arnaud Gaigher.png

Arnaud Gaigher
Postdoctoral position, Group Salamin


Oriane Loiseau
Graduate Assistant, Group Salamin


Tarcisio Mendes De Farias
Postdoctoral position, Group Dessimoz


Research project: BioSODA: An intuitive search function for bioinformatics databases

Keywords: Natural language processing, semantic web, data integration, biological ontolgies, heterogeneous databases

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Frédéric Michaud
Postdoctoral position, Group Malaspinas


Virginie Peter
Doctoral Student, Group Rivolta


Research project: Genomics of retinal degenerations and the clinical and molecular characterization of a cohort of patients in Portugal with inherited retinal degeneration

Keywords: Inherited Retinal Degenerations, NGS, mendelian, bioinformatics, functional studies


Mathieu Quinodoz
Graduate Assistant, Group Rivolta


Research project: Using computer-based OMICS such as whole exome or genome sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq or long-reads sequencing to analyze human Mendelian disorders

Keywords: Sequencing, disease, machine-learning, retinal degeneration, molecular biology


Franck Raynaud
Postdoctoral position, Group Ciriello

Tan Jennifer.jpg

Yihong Jennifer Tan
Postdoctoral position, Group Marques


Research project: An unexpected contribution of lincRNA splicing to enhancer-associated gene regulation in cis

Keywords: Enhancer, intergenic lon noncoding RNA, splicing, transcription, cis gene regulation


Clément Train
Doctoral Student SNSF, Group Dessimoz


Research project: Inferring hierarchical orthologous groups

Keywords: Phylogenetic, evolution, orthology, visualisation, clustering

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