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Clinically related research at the DNF


The last decades have seen tremendous advances in fundamental bioscience, and there is now an urgent need to bridge the gap between these advances and actual clinical practice. This requires "translational" research using the sophisticated new methodologies of fundamental bioscience, but applied to clinically relevant experimental models. The recent reorganization in the University of Lausanne to create the Faculty of Biology and Medicine provides a favorable context for research of this kind, and the DNF is strongly committed to it, and to collaborating with groups in the Lausanne clinical departments.

The DNF's translational research can be grouped under the following themes:

Neurodegenerative diseases
    . The role of non-neuronal cells in
    . Proteomic analysis of protein dysfunction

Neuropsychiatric disorders
    . Schizophrenia
    . Anxiety disorders

Acute brain damage
    . Stroke
    . Recovery from brain damage


Oher diseases of the nervous system   
    . Cortical heterotopia and epilepsy   
    . Neurological disorders with an embryonic pathogenesis
    . Peripheral nerve injury
    . Chronic pain
    . Consequences of insufficient sleep in the brain

Diabetes and Cancer
    . Diabetes 
    . Cancer


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