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Acute brain damage


The commonest causes of brain damage in adults are stroke and traumatic brain injury. Stroke is most commonly caused by the occlusion of a cerebral blood vessel, but can also be due to a haemorrhage. Traumatic brain injury has many causes including traffic accidents.

Brain damage can also occur at or before birth due to a lack of oxygen. Even in technologically advanced societies, this happens in about 0.3% of births, which can lead to a life-long handicap.

DNF researchers are working towards improved therapy for brain-damaged patients and are involved in a Lausanne-wide collaboration on this subject, the Lausanne Stroke Collaboration, as well as a trans-European collaboration (STRESSPROTECT).

The research on brain damage within the DNF is focused mainly on two areas:


Recovery from brain damage



Imaging astrocytes in a cell culture model of brain ischemia (the astrocytes contain a fluorescent protein, GFAP-EGFP).




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