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Proteomic analysis

The two-dimensional electrophoresis service operates in collaboration with the Center of Psychiatric Neuroscience (CNP) and the Protein Analysis Facility (PAF). It offers running 2D gels of different sizes, staining with different stains or transferring proteins to filters for Western blotting, for separating complex mixtures of up to 2000 proteins.
Recently, two fluorescent labeling procedures (DIGE) were developed to separate two different protein samples on the same 2D gel or, by sequential staining, to distinguish oxidized from non-oxidized proteins on the same 2D gel and immediately identify protein differences. Such differences can be analyzed in several 2D gels and quantified in a computer-assisted manner.
In addition, immunoprecipitation and pulldown assays have been developed to identify proteins participating in protein-protein interactions.
See Riederer


    Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis gels of differentialy labeled brain proteins
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