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Dr. Chin Eap

PI of the laboratory: Chin Eap
Tél: 021 643 64 38;

Direct supervisor (assistant): Séverine Crettol
Tél: 021 643 65 09,
Laboratory: Unit of Biochemistry and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Address: Centre for Psychiatric Neuroscience of the Department of Psychiatry-CHUV, Hospital of Cery, 1008 Prilly


In vitro study of transport of psychotropic drugs by human Permeability-glycoprotein (PGP)

Description of Project:
Permeability glycoprotein (PGP) is a trans-membrane protein expressed in various organs including the blood brain barrier. It acts as detoxifier by pumping various drugs or xenobiotics from the inner to the outer part of the cell, therefore protecting various “sanctuary” organs including the central nervous system. The activity of PGP is therefore crucial in controlling the efficacy / CNS side-effects of psychotropic drugs, which have to enter the brain to be active. Various psychotropic drugs have already been studied in our unit to determine whether they are substrates of this transporter. The aim of this work is to test new psychotropic drugs, which have been recently introduced into the market. The determination of transport by PGP will be done by using epithelial renal cells over- expressing PGP as compared to control cells. The student will work with cells in culture. He/she will have the opportunity to be introduced to very sensitive analytical methods for the determination of drugs (high performance liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry or HPLC-MS). This study will allow to extend our understanding of the transport of psychotropic drugs by PGP.

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