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Looking for documents in Switzerland | Medical libraries

Looking for documents in Switzerland

The database RERO (REseau ROmand) covers all the academic and cantonal libraries of Vaud, Neuchâtel, Fribourg, Genève, Valais et Tessin. The Vaud database also mentions the availability of documents at the BCU and at the library of the Faculty of Medicine. For other places, ask the librarians.

Im NEBIS (Netzwerk von Bibliotheken und Informationsstellen in der Schweiz) haben sich über 60 Bibliotheken von Hochschulen, Fachhochschulen und Forschungsanstalten aus allen Sprachregionen zusammengeschlossen. Der NEBIS Katalog verzeichnet insgesamt ca. 2 Mio. Titel: Bücher, Serien, Zeitschriften und Non-Book-Materialien. Die meisten Dokumente können online bestellt werden. Voraussetzung für die Ausleihe ist die Einschreibung als Benutzerin bzw. Benutzer in einer NEBIS Bibliothek.

The central library of the EPFL has made a French guide (pdf format) for the use of NEBIS:

- Premiers pas dans le catalogue NEBIS


Medical libraries

The function of the BDFM is to facilitate the access to the biomedical information for the academic teaching, scientific research and practice of all the health practitioners. To this end, the BDFM ensures the development of a collection of clinical and medical books and multimedia documents, the location and the dissemination of public health informations, the training of the users on databases, online periodicals and Reference Manager, the promotion of effective products in documentary research, of which available resources on the Internet.

The Cantonal and Academic Library of Lausanne (BCU) is a public institution having vocation to its national, cultural and academic heritage all at the same time. Its action comes within an educational and informational environment undergoing fast changes. Its mission is to contribute to the influence of Lausanne and its University, the booming intellectual, cultural, musical and artistic life of the people of the canton of Vaud. The BCU of Lausanne is one of the greater public and academic library of the country. It plays an active part in the cooperation between the libraries, as well as between the libraries' networks, in a regional, national and international level.

The research in the DPconcerns two main lines : the neurophysiology and the metabolism. An effort has been realised to reinforce the collaboration between the DP and several clinical services to develop the patient-oriented research, particularly in the neurosciences (Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, lateral amyotrophic sclerosis) and metabolic diseases (obesity, diabetes mellitus, resistance to insulin of patients requiring intensive care).

The ISREC (Centre suisse de la recherche fondamentale sur le cancer) is a not-for-profit foundation, founded in Lausanne in 1964, appointed and grant-maintained by the Confederation. ISREC has for mission the research, the study and the comprehension of the mechanisms that are linked to cancer. Therefore, ISREC invites research groups to participate in its development by offering the infrastructure and the ideal conditions linked to its evolution. The different research groups at ISREC maintain close ties with many scientific institutions and universities, particularly in Europe and North America. Several of the ISREC group leaders also teach at the University of Lausanne.

The Library of the Faculty of Medicine (BFM) is intended first to the medical and scientific employees of the CMU and the HUG and to the students. Otherwise the Health Library (CDS) is open to anybody.


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