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Year 2008

In orange: Lausanne Neuroscience Seminars and Lausanne Neurobiology Seminars of DBCM,
DP and CNP

In black: DBCM seminars

Wednesday, 23rd januar 2008 at 12h15 Development and Plasticity of Multisensory Representations: Insights from Normal and Abnormal Experiences Prof. Mark Wallace
Hearing & Speech Sciences and Psychology Departments, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Invited by Micah Murray
Thursday, 24th januar 2008 at 12h15 The impact of input fluctuations on the dynamical response properties of neocortical neurons in vitro Michele Giugliano
Brain Mind Institute, EPFL
Invited by Corrado Cali
Thursday, 7th februar at 16h Schizophrenia as the price that Homo sapiens pays for language Professor Timothy Crow
SANE Prince of Wales Centre University Department of Psychiatry
Invited by Thi Kim Do Cuenod
Thursday, 6th march 2008 at 12h15 Role of lipid modifications in neuroendocrine exocytosis: regulation by GTPases and kinases Nicolas Vitale
Directeur de Recherche à l'INSERM, Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg
Invited by Romano Regazzi
Monday, 10th March 2008 at 12h00 Genetics of behavioural domains across the neuropsychiatric spectrum; of mice and men Martien Kas
Rudolf Magnus Institute in Utrecht, The Netherlands
Invited by
Ron Stoop
Thursday, 3rd april 2008 at 12h15 New tricks for old dogs: a role for morphogens in axon guidance


Prof. Dr. Esther Stoeckli
Developmental Neuroscience
University of Zurich
Institute of Zoology
Invited by
Anne Zurn
Thursday, 24th april 2008 at 12h15 The roles of Kidins220/ARMS in neuronal differentiation and CNS development Dr Giampietro Schiavo
Molecular NeuroPathoBiology Laboratory, Cancer Research UK London Research Institute
Invited by Romano Regazzi


Thursday, 15th  may 2008 at 12h15 Nogo proteins in axon regeneration and plasticity Christine Bandtlow
Department of Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry, Innsbruck Medical University
Invited by Anne Zurn
Wednesday, 18th june 2008 at 12h30 Postnatal maturation of prefrontal cortical circuits - implications for schizophrenia Prof. Patricio O'Donnell,
Dep. of Anatomy & Neurobiology and Psychiatry, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21201 USA
Invited by
Kim Do
Thursday, 19th june 2008 at 12h15 A tonic GABA-A receptor mediated conductance modulates axonal excitability and synaptic transmission Dr. Arnaud Ruiz
School of Pharmacy, University of London
Invited by Christophe Lamy
Friday, 15th august 2008 at 12h15 Are astrocytes the new rising stars in the neuropathology of stress related visceral pain? Romain-Daniel Gosselin, PhD,
University College Cork
Invited by Isabelle Decosterd
Thursday, 28th august 2008 at 12h15

Mitotic spindle orientation and cell fate determination during vertebrate neurogenesis

Dr Xavier MORIN,
Developmental Biology Institute of Marseilles Luminy
Invited by Andrea  Volterra
Monday, 1st september 2008 at 12h15 Motoneurons, astrocytes and muscle cells: three partners involved in the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Florence Perrin, PhD,
Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier, INSERM
Invited by Isabelle Decosterd
Monday, 15th september 2008 at 12h15 The subthalamic nucleus: from a motor structure target for Parkinsonism to a limbic structure possible target for the treatment of cocaine addiction Dr. Christelle Baunez,
Laboratoire de Neurobiologie de la Cognition, UMR6155 CNRS-Aix-Marseille Université
Invited byBenjamin Boutrel
Tél:+41 21 643 69 47
Thursday, 30th october 2008 at 12h15 Melody of the neonatal brain: neuronal oscillations in developing cortico-subcortical networks Dr. Ileana Hanganu-Opatz, PhD,
Center for Molecular Neurobiology (ZMNH) at Universitätskrankenhaus Eppendof (UKE) Hamburg
Invited by
Anita Lüthi
Thursday, 6th november 2008 at 12h15

Developmental Programming of Anxiety in Mice


Cornelius Gross,
EMBL Monterotondo, Adriano Buzzati-Traverso Campus, 00016 Monterotondo, Italy
Invited by
Jean-Pierre Hornung
28th november 2008 at 12h15
Do beta-cells get fat, and does it matter ? Prof Vincent POITOUT,
Canada Research Chair in   Diabetes and Pancreatic Beta-cell function, University of Montreal
Invited by
Amar Abderrahmani
4th december
at 12h15
Transcriptional Control of Neocortical Motor Output During Development Dr Denis Jabaudon
Department of Fundamental Neuroscience, Geneva University
Invited by Cécile Lebrand & Ron Stoop
8th december
at 12h15
The role of aquaporins in cell migration Marios C. Papadopoulos, St. George's University of London, U.K. Invited by Jérôme Badaut
Friday, 12 december 2008 at 12h15


Prof. Nicolas DEMAUREX, Department of Cell Physiology and Metabolism, Geneva Invited by
Jean-Yves Chatton
Thursday, 18th december 2008 at 12h15 Neuro-immune interactions: The role of microglia in neuropathic pain  Prof. Simon Beggs,
Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto & Faculty of Dentistry, University of Toronto, Canada
Invited by
Isabelle Decosterd

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