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Année 2010

En orange: Lausanne Neuroscience Seminars et Lausanne Neurobiology Seminars of DBCM,
DP and CNP
En noir: DBCM seminars

Jeudi 14 janvier
Hôpital de Cery, Salle Hirondelle
Early life stress and its long-term effects on brain and behaviour: studies in mammals Dr. Christopher R. Pryce,
Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich 

Invité par
Ron Stoop

Jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Vesicle pool identity in developing and mature synapses

Naila B. Fredj, Laboratoire de Juan Burrone
King's College, UK 

Invité par Jean-Yves Chatton

Vendredi 19 février

What Is Neuropathic Pain? A Non-traditional Perspective Based on New Discoveries in the Cutaneous Innervation

Pr. Frank L. Rice,
Albany Medical College, Albany, USA
Invité par Isabelle Decosterd

Lundi 8 mars

Molecular responses accompanying cerebral blood flow changes in the P7 rat brain

Christiane Charriaut-Marlangue,
INSERM U676, Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris
Invité par Peter Clarke

Jeudi 18 mars

Hippocampal long-term potentiation depends on release of D-serine from astrocytes in vitro

Dr Christian Henneberger,
University College London, Institute of Neurology
Invité par Christophe Lamy

Jeudi 25 mars 2010

The docking, priming and fusion reactions that orchestrate secretory vesicle trafficking

Prof. Matthijs Verhage,
Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research, Vrije Universiteit, 1081HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Invité par
Romano Regazzi

Jeudi 15 avril 2010

Transcriptome analysis of neural stem cells and their progeny identifies novel pathways regulating adult neurogenesis

Prof. Sebastian Jessberger
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)
Institute of Cell Biology

Invité par
Nicolas Toni

Jeudi 29 avril 2010

Spatio-temporal signaling programs during cell migration and neurite outgrowth

Prof. Olivier Pertz
Institute of Biochemistry and Genetics, Department of Biomedicine, University of Basel

Invité par
Nicolas Toni

Jeudi 20 mai 2010

Astrocytes in the epileptic brain: role in focal seizure generation and neurovascular coupling

Prof. Giorgio Carmignoto
CNR Institute of Neuroscience and Department of Experimental Biomedical Science, University of Padova, Italy

Invité par Andrea Volterra

Jeudi 27 mai 2010

Diversity in rhythm-generating local circuits in neocortex

Miles Whittington
Institute of Neuroscience,
The Medical School,
University of Newcastle

Invité par
Kim Do

Jeudi 17 juin 2010 

Ion channel regulation of firing patterns in monoaminergic neurons

Vincent SEUTIN
Laboratory of Pharmacology and GIGA-Neurosciences
University of Liège, Belgium

Invité par
Anita Luthi

Jeudi 24 juin 2010

Characterization of glutamine and vesicular transporters involved in the recycling of neurotransmitters

Farrukh A. Chaudhry, MD, PhD
The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo & Centre for Molecular Biology and Neuroscience, University of Oslo

Invité par
Guillaume Azarias

Jeudi 1 juillet 2010

Young and excitable: Synaptic excitation of newly generated granule cells in the adult hippocampus

Pr. Josef Bischofberger
University of Basel
Department of biomedicine

Invité par
Nicolas Toni

Jeudi 9 septembre 2010 

Proinflammatory cytokines and lysophospholipids

Prof. Michaela KRESS,
Innsbruck Medical University, Austria, Department of Physiology and Medical Physics

Invité par Isabelle Decosterd

Lundi 27 septembre 2010 

Mechanisms controlling the migration of cortical interneurons

Pr. Oscar Marín
Instituto de Neurociencias
CSIC & Universidad Miguel Hernández
Alicante, Spain

Invité par
Cécile Lebrand

Jeudi 30 septembre

microRNA function in synapse development and plasticity

Gerhard Schratt
University of Heidelberg, Interdisciplinary Center for Neurosciences

Invité par Romano Regazzi

Jeudi 14 octobre

Modulation of synapses and hippocampal network rhythmicity by metabotropic glutamate receptors

Prof. Urs Gerber
Brain Research Institute, University of Zurich

Invité par Anita Luthi

Jeudi 4 novembre

Institute of
Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Laszlo Acsády
Institute of
Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary

Invité par Anita Luthi

Lundi 29 novembre

Rapid desynchronization of an electrically coupled interneuron network with sparse excitatory synaptic input

Koen Vervaeke
University College London

Invité par Mirko Santello

Lundi 6 décembre

Controls of cortical size and neuronal number Dr Setsuko Sahara
The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, California, USA

Invité par Nicolas Toni et Roman Chrast

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