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Laboratories proposing a master's project

Group leader  Laboratory  Project title 
Prof. Richard Benton   Center for Integrative Genomics  A combined microarray and RNAi screen for novel chemosensory genes 
Dr. Benjamin Boutrel  DP-CHUV, Centre de Neurosciences Psychiatriques  Role of the hypocretin/orexin system in the etiology of eating disorders in mice 
Dr. Jean-Yves Chatton   DNF & Department of Physiology  Cellular, molecular and functional elements of astrocyte neuron lactate shuttle in the hypothalamus  
Dr. Alexandre Croquelois  Department of Fundamental Neurosciences  GABAA receptor ligand binding modifications in a model of cortical malformation with epilepsy 
Dr. Isabelle Decosterd  Anesthesiology & DNF  Molecular mechanism of chronic pain 
Dr. Chin Eap  Unit of Biochemistry and Clinical Psychopharmacology  In vitro study of transport of psychotropic drugs by human Permeability-glycoprotein (PGP) 
Prof. Jean-Pierre Hornung  Department of Fundamental Neurosciences  Gender difference in developing anxiety phenotype in the 5-HT1aR knock-out mice 
Dr. Sandor Kasas  LPMV  Observing Topoisomerase II in action by atomic force microscopy 
Dr. Geneviève Leuba  Centre de Neurosciences psychiatriques (CNP) & Service de Psychiatrie   Maladie d'Alzheimer et vieillissement cérébral: identification de marqueurs 
Dr. Jean-Luc Martin  Département de Physiologie   
Dr. Micah Murray  EEG Brain Mapping Core of the Center for Biomedical Imaging   Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Brain Responses to Food Viewing 
Prof. Luc Pellerin  Department of Physiology   Regulation of MCT4 expression in mouse cultured cortical astrocytes by the neuronal signal nitric oxide (NO) 
Dr. Beat Riederer  Centre des neurosciences psychiatriques (CNP)  Role of ubiquitination of proteins in neurodegeneration 
Dr. Ron Stoop & Prof. Bruno Gravier   Physiology/Psychiatry  Aggression and Violence: from Clinical experience to Neurobiological model 
Prof. Mehdi Tafti  Center for Integrative Genomics  Molecular Genetics of Sleep in Mice 
Prof. Andrea Volterra  Department of Fundamental Neurosciences  Synaptic activity is controlled by astrocytes: modalities of activation of presynaptic NMDA receptors 

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