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Year 2012

Orange: Lausanne Neuroscience Seminars et Lausanne Neurobiology Seminars of DBCM,
DP and CNP

Black: DBCM seminars

Thurday, December 20th

In-vivo neuron wide microscopy reveals differential regulation of synaptic vesicle precursor trafficking

Dr. Celine Maeder
Laboratory of Kang Shen,
Stanford University 

Invited by Andreas Mayer

Thurday, November 29th

Contribution of astrocytes to synaptic transmission and long-term plasticity

Dr. Stéphane Oliet
Deputy Director, Neurocentre Magendie
INSERM and University of Bordeaux, France 

Invited by Andrea Volterra

Monday, Octobre 29th

Cocaine-evoked plasticity in developing and mature mesocortical circuits

Camilla Bellone, PhD. Dept. Basic Neuroscience, Geneva 

Invited by Andreas Mayer
Friday, October 12th Neuron-Specific Membrane Trafficking in Development, Function and Degeneration: A Look Through the Fly's Eye

P. Robin Hiesinger, PhD, Associate Professor of Physiology and Systems Biology,
UT Southwestern

Invited by Andreas Mayer
Monday, October 8th Functions of the atypical vesicular glutamate transporter in cholinergic and serotoninergic transmission: co-transmission and vesicular synergy Prof. Salah El Mestikawy ,
Département de Psychiatrie, McGill University
Douglas Institut universitaire en santé mentale,
Montréal, Canada
Invited by Jean-Yves Chatton
Tuesday, October 2nd Memory aids on the chromatin: Epigenetic mechanisms in cognition Dr. Johannes Gräff,
The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA
Invited by Andrea Volterra
Thursday, September 27th  Molecular and cellular regulation of adult hippocampal neurogenesis Prof. Chichung,
Institut für Biochemie,
Universität Erlangen
Invited by Nicolas Toni
Thursday, September 6th Quantitative molecular differences in presynaptic active zones Dr. Zoltan Nusser,
Laboratory of Cellular Neurophysiology, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest, Hungary
Invited by Zita Rovo
Monday, September 3rd HDAC5 is a novel injury-regulated tubulin deacetylase controlling axon regeneration Prof. Valeria Cavalli,
Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, Hope Center for Neurological Disorders, Washington University School of Medicine
Invited by Nicolas Toni
Monday, August 13th Inhibition and disinhibition of neuromodulatory systems Dr. Kelly R. Tan, PhD,
University of Geneva
Invited by Andreas Mayer
Thursday, Februar 16th The role of ionotropic glutamate receptors in neuroglia Prof. Frank Kirchhoff,
Univ. Saarland, Germany
Invited by Andrea Volterra


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