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Positions available

People who wish to apply for postdoc stipends should contact EEF. Please note that a background in forward genetics or electrophysiology will be helpful in order to maximise your chance of obtaining funding since this would be coherent with the lab objectives.


Doctoral student position

Project : Glutamate receptor-like (GLR)-dependent electrical signals are propagated from leaf to leaf after wounding. The current model is that two tissues (xylem and phloem) are involved in wound signal propagation. This project aims to investigate the phloem route and to do so using genetic approaches and under growth/light conditions that affect phloem physiology. Techniques : molecular biology and electrophysiology.

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Minimum 60% of time dedicated to PhD research. Maximum 40% time to teaching.

Required: MSc in Biochemistry, biology or electronics.

Candidature : Please send as a single pdf : a motivation letter mentioning ‘post D3’, a CV, copies of University degrees, and two recommendation letters to: edward.farmer[at]unil.ch   Submissions formatted like this will receive a reply.

Start : after 30 June 2016. Open until filled.


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