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Scientific Essays and Books

Scientific Essays written for a broad public

Essay on Senebier

A much debated issue is whether work on whole organisms should be replaced by work on cell cultures. What does working 'out of context' mean from a scientific point of view?

Farmer, E.E. (2010) Jean Senebier’s thoughts on experimentation and their relevance for today’s researcher. Archives des Sciences 63, 185-192.

PDF - Essay on Senebier

Essay on Vavilov

Nikolai Vavilov made numerous important discoveries concerning the origin of domesticated plants and on the fascinating process of domestication itself. He left behind one of the world's great collections of germplasm. This essay is about what he did and what he left for us at the remarkable Vavilov Institute.

Farmer, E.E. 'The work of Vavilov and his Institute'
In:  'Seeds of the Earth: The Vavilov Institute' by Mario Del Curto, 2016.

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Leaf Defence Book

New in paperback, 2016

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Mario Del Curto's Book on the Vavilov Institute

Seeds of the Earth - The Vavilov Institute

Mario del Curto has produced a remarkable book of photographs of Russia’s Vavilov Institute (VIR) that houses one of the most historically important and rich collections of germplasm in the world. The photos document numerous voyages to research stations and collections in an around Russia with images from stations as far apart as Vladivostok, St. Petersburg and Krimsk and the republic of Dagestan, to Almaty in Kazakhstan and beyond into Afganistan. This book, available in English or French, is a unique record of the state of the VIR supported testimonies from it’s collaborators including its director Nikolai Dzyubenko. Several internationally recognised personalities involved in agriculture and plant conservation have written short texts about Vavilov and his Institute and there is an essay on Vavilov and his work (by EEF). What is the present state of the VIR and is it likely to fare well in the future ? This inexpensive book provides a unique chance to ponder these questions in the light of Mario del Curto’s extraordinary photographs.

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