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Yves Poirier | Syndie Delessert | Jules Deforges | Yi-Fang Hsieh | Philippe Jacquet | Ji-Yul Jung | Jonatan Montpetit | Thi Ngoc Nga NGUYEN | Rodrigo Siqueira Reis | Evangelia Vogiatzaki

Yves Poirier

  • Born in Montreal in 1962

  • BSc in Biology, McGill University (Montreal)

  • PhD in Virology, McGill University

  • Associate Professor at the DBMV

  • Full Professor at the University of Lausanne since 2010


After doing my PhD on the biology of tumor induction by mammalian retroviruses, I went to study plant biology and Arabidopsis thaliana in the laboratory of Chris Somerville at Michigan State University and Carnegie Institution at Stanford (USA). I joined the University of Lausanne in 1995.


Syndie Delessert

  • Born in Lausanne in 1976 (Suisse)

  • CFC, laboratory technician in biology, Nestec 1997 (Suisse)

I joined the Department in April 2003. I use my skills in molecular biology to generate and analyse transgenic plants and yeast. I participated in research themes of the laboratory, with more emphasis on the PHA project for the first 7 years. Coming to the lab has brought me further knowledge in biochemistry that enables me to investigate the metabolism of lipids and fatty acids, and the biosynthesis of the PHA polymer. The last years I work on the Biotin project. I am also in charge of creating and updating our website. Finally, since June 2013 I am COSEC and Biosafety Officier of our department.


Jules Deforges

  • Born in Nantes (France) in 1987


  • Master in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, (Paris-VI, France)


  • PhD on translation initiation in eukaryotes, LCRB, Université Paris Descartes (Paris-V)


After a first internship in a lab working on translation termination in eukaryotes, I did a PhD on the molecular mechanisms of translation initiation of HIV in the Dr. Sargueil's group in Paris. Then, I joined the lab of Pr. Yves Poirier in Lausanne, where I am now working on the regulation of translation by antisense RNAs in plants.

Yi-Fang Hsieh

  • Born in Changhua (Taiwan) in 1988


  • BSc in Biochemical Science and Technology, National Taiwan University (Taiwan)


  • MSc in Brain Science, National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan)


After obtaining my master degree under the supervision of Dr. Irene Han-Juo Cheng, I worked in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Verslues in Academia Sinica (Taiwan) as a research assistant where I had explored the molecular mechanism of draught response in plants. In April 2016, I joined Prof. Yves Poirier laboratory for my PhD, characterizing the EXS domain in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Philippe Jacquet



  • Born in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1977
  • MSc in Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva
  • PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of Geneva


After doing my PhD in the field of non-equilibrium physics, combining mathematical modelling and numerical simulations, I continued with my research in Japan for 2 years as a Postdoc. I then worked for 4 years as a Scientist at the Bioinformatics & Biostatistics Core Facility of the EPFL. Since March 2016, I have been working as a bioinformatician and biostatistician in Prof. Yves Poirier's lab.

Ji-Yul Jung



  • Born in Gumi, South Korea 1976


  • MSc in Life Science, Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology (POSTECH), South Korea


  • Ph.D. in Plant Biology, Washington University in Saint Louis,  Saint Louis, USA.



For my PhD study, I studied on plant responses and signaling under low nutrient conditions in Washington University in Saint Louis and Donald Danforth Plant Science Center in USA. In July 2012 I entered the lab of Prof. Yves Poirier. My research goal is to understand the modes of action and regulation of PHO1 in Arabidopsis.


Jonatan Montpetit

  • Born in Ottawa (Canada) in 1980


  • Bacc. in Agronomy, Université Laval (Québec, Canada)


  • MSc. in Biologie Végétale, Université Laval (Québec, Canada)


I developed a strong interest for research during my undergraduate studies in Agricultural Science. I did my masters degree in Prof. Richard Bélangers biocontrol laboratory working with heterologous silicon transporters in A. thaliana. I joined Prof. Yves Poirier laboratory for my Ph.D. in June 2011, were my work will focus on the regulation of the PHO1 gene in A. thaliana.


Thi Ngoc Nga NGUYEN

  • Born in Hanoi (Vietnam) in 1987


  • Engineer in Bioengineering, Hanoi University of Science and  Technology (HUST) (Vietnam)


  • PhD in Plant Molecular Physiology, INRA Montpelier (France)


During three months of internship at laboratory of professor Hwang Inhwan (Pohang, South Korea) when I was following engineer program, I relied that plant science would be my interest. After my graduation, I decided to move to France to work on heavy metal tolerance in Arabidopsis. For my PhD training, I studied the functional expression of Plant defensin type 1 for zinc tolerance under supervision of prof. Pierre Berthomieu and dr. Françoise Gosti.
I joined the Poirier group in May 2014 to identify the PHO1 genes involved in phosphate transport and homeostasis in Medicago truncatula and its associated mycorrhizae.


Rodrigo Siqueira Reis

  • Born in Guiricema (Brazil) in 1982
  • BSc in Biochemistry, Federal University of Viçosa (Brazil)
  • MSc in Biochemistry, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  • PhD in Plant Molecular Biology, University of Sydney (Australia)


I moved from microbiology to plant science in 2010. Since then I’ve worked with silencing suppressors, small RNAs and the Arabidopsis miRNA pathway. In my PhD (University of Sydney) I studied the mechanism by which plants determine whether a miRNA guides transcript cleavage or translation inhibition of its targets. Also, proteomics as a tool for protein quantification has been either the core or an important part my research. In Yves Poirier’s group, the plan is to find out how a cis-NAT can enhance translation of its sense transcript.

Evangelia Vogiatzaki


  • Born in Chania (Crete –Greece) 1986


  • BSc in Biological Applications and Technology, University of Ioannina  (Greece)


  • MSc in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Crete (Greece)



Research was always the road I wanted to follow in my life. After my BSc studies, plants captured my whole interest and after studying them mainly in the molecular level, I felt that I would also like to deepen my knowledge in Plant Physiology and while combining it with molecular biology and genetics, acquire a full picture of the Plant Kingdom. I joined Yves Poirier group for my PhD, in July 2012, because studying the role of PHO1 and PHO1;H1 genes in phosphate homeostasis in different plant tissues is a very interesting project that could combine not only basic research but also applications.


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