Dr. David Pacheco-Villalobos

Came up here all the way from Malaga to work on Brachypodium. Still complains about the weather, but slowly adapts.

- Post-doctoral associate at the University of Lausanne since 2009

Scientific publications

From our lab

2. David Pacheco-Villalobos and Christian S. Hardtke (2012): Natural genetic variation of root system architecture from Arabidopsis to Brachypodium: towards adaptive value. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, Vol. 367: pp. 1552-1558.

1. Laura Ragni, Kaisa Nieminen, David Pacheco-Villalobos, Richard Sibout, Claus Schwechheimer and Christian S. Hardtke (2011): A direct stimulatory role of mobile gibberellin in Arabidopsis hypocotyl xylem expansion. The Plant Cell, Vol. 23: pp. 1322-1336.


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