Cindy Nussbaumer

Our far-travelled technician. Keeps the lab in order and the projects going.

- Lab technician at the University of Lausanne since 2006

- Previous positions include extended stays at Brown University and the University of Zurich

Scientific publications

From our lab

1. Plantegenet S, Weber J, Goldstein DR, Zeller G, Nussbaumer C, Thomas J, Weigel D, Harshman K and Hardtke CS (2008): Comprehensive analysis of Arabidopsis expression level polymorphisms with simple inheritance. Molecular Systems Biology, in press.

From previous labs:

2. Zhou HW, Nussbaumer C, Chao Y and DeLong A (2004): Disparate roles for the regulatory A subunit isoforms in Arabidopsis protein phosphatase 2A. The Plant Cell, Vol. 16: 709-722.

3. van der Graaff E, Nussbaumer C and Keller B (2003): The Arabidopsis thaliana rlp mutations revert the ectopic leaf blade formation conferred by activation tagging of the LEP gene. Mol. Genet. Genomics, Vol. 270:243-252.


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