Emanuele Scacchi


Photographer, motorbike rider, scientist. Crossed the alps to find out what BRX family proteins are really doing.

- Graduate student at the University of Lausanne since 2007

Scientific publications

From our lab

6. Luca Santuari, Emanuele Scacchi, Antia Rodriguez-Villalon, Paula Salinas, Esther M.N. Dohmann, Geraldine Brunoud, Teva Vernoux, Richard S. Smith and Christian S. Hardtke (2011): Positional information by differential endocytosis splits auxin response to drive Arabidopsis root meristem growth. Current Biology, Vol. 21: pp. 1918-1923.

5. Emanuele Scacchi, Paula Salinas, Bojan Gujas, Luca Santuari, Naden Krogan, Laura Ragni, Thomas Berleth and Christian S. Hardtke (2010): Spatio-temporal sequence of cross-regulatory events in root meristem growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U.S.A., Vol. 107: pp. 22734-22739.

4. Julien Beuchat, Emanuele Scacchi, Danuse Tarkowska, Laura Ragni, Miroslav Strnad and Christian S. Hardtke (2010): BRX promotes Arabidopsis shoot growth. New Phytologist, Vol. 188: pp. 23-29.

3. Emanuele Scacchi, Karen S. Osmont, Julien Beuchat, Paula Salinas, Marisa Navarrete-Gómez, Marina Trigueros, Cristina Ferrándiz and Christian S. Hardtke (2009): Dynamic, auxin-responsive plasma membrane to nucleus movement of Arabidopsis BRX. Development, Vol. 136: pp. 2059-2067.

From previous labs

2. Kim K, Ryu H, Cho YH, Scacchi E, Sabatini S, Hwang I (2012): Cytokinin-facilitated proteolysis of ARABIDOPSIS RESPONSE REGULATOR 2 attenuates signaling output in two-component circuitry. Plant J., Vol. 69:934-45.

1. Dello Ioio R, Linhares FS, Scacchi E, Casamitjana-Martinez E, Heidstra R, Costantino P, Sabatini S (2007): Cytokinins determine Arabidopsis root-meristem size by controlling cell differentiation. Current Biology, Vol. 17: pp. 678-682.

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