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Université de Lausanne
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Research interests

In December of 2009, I completed my Ph.D. at the University of Georgia (UGA). My research in the lab of Dr. Scott Gold focused on two aspects in the development and pathogenicity of the corn smut fungus Ustilago maydis: autophagy and cell wall degrading enzymes (CWDE). Shortly after graduating, I worked for Dr. Ronald de Vries at Universiteit Utrecht, investigating novel CWDE for industrial applications.

During the course of my Ph.D. studies, I had become very interested in the genetic determinants that control plant-fungal interactions. Driven by a desire to broaden my understanding of these interactions, I sought research that would allow me to explore these relationships from the plant's perspective. In line with this goal, I joined the lab of Dr. Uta Paszkowski at the Université de Lausanne in 2010 to investigate the plant genetic determinants which permit arbuscular mycorrhizae (AM) symbiosis. The challenges imposed by the obligate biotrophic nature of AM fungi drives research efforts to focus on the identification and characterization of the plant genetic elements governing the relationship. Within these parameters, I am currently working on the characterization of a rice mutant deficient in AM symbiosis.


  1. Marina Nadal, Maria D. Garcia Pedraja, Scott E. Gold (2010). The snf1 gene of Ustilago maydis acts as a dual regulator of cell wall degrading enzymes. Phytopathology 100(12):1364-72
  2. Marina Nadal and Scott E. Gold (2010). The autophagy genes atg8 and atg1 affect morphogenesis and pathogenicity in Ustilago maydis. Mol. Plant Pathology, 11: 463 - 478
  3. MarÌa D. GarcÌa-Pedrajas, Marina Nadal, Michael B^lker, Scott E. Gold, Michael H. Perlin (2008). Sending mixed signals: Redundancy vs. uniqueness of signaling components in the plant pathogen, Ustilago maydis. Fungal Genet. Bio., Aug; 45 Suppl 1:S22-30
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  6. Nadal, M., Gold S.E. (2007) Sex in broad daylight: turning a new leaf-fungal style. Cell Host Microbe, 1: 24-8

Book Chapters

  1. Ronald P. de Vries, Marina Nadal, Joost van den Brink, D. Alexandra Vivas-Duarte, Henrik StÂlbrand (2010) Fungal degradation of plant oligo- and polysaccharides. In Peter Grunwald (ed), Carbohydrate modifying enzymes and microorganisms. Pan Stanford publishing Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  2. GarcÌa-Pedrajas, M.D., Nadal, M., Denny, T., Baeza-MontaÒez, L., Paz, Z., y Gold, S. E. (2010) DelsGate, a robust and rapid method for gene deletion. In Methods in Molecular Biology, (Molecular and Cell Biology Methods for Fungi) vol. 638, pp. 55-76. Humana Press (© Springer Science+Business Media)


  1. Kenneth Papa Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Research (2009)
  2. Dissertation Completion Award. Fellowship (2008)
  3. Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for College of Agriculture (2007)

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