War & Peace: is power sharing a way of curbing violence between rival factions?
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL | At a time when conflicts between rival factions are raging in numerous countries and regions, what are the levers we can use to combat the resulting violence? Can power sharing save lives? That’s what Prof. Dominic Rohner from HEC Lausanne is trying to establish in his latest research.
Prof. Dominic Rohner receives an Excellence in Refereeing Award
Dominic Rohner, Professor at HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne), has just been awarded the Excellence in Refereeing Award 2017 by the Review of Economic Studies. The School congratulates Professor Rohner on his numerous contributions, which have enhanced academic research in the field of political economics and development.
Nurseries and crèches: what impact do they have on the development of children under...
Insights from research at HEC Lausanne-UNIL | An ever-increasing number of mothers with young children are returning to work. Governments are investigating the advantages and disadvantages of nurseries compared with home-based care, in the light of future investments in child-care facilities. A response from Prof. Rafael Lalive, HEC Lausanne (UNIL), and his co-author, in a study published on the HECimpact website.
La dette suisse est-elle trop faible?
Depuis dix ans, la dette publique suisse n’a cessé de baisser, et l’excédent budgétaire de 2,8 milliards pour l’année 2017 ne fait que confirmer cette tendance. Doit-on s’en réjouir ou au contraire le déplorer?
Dr. Antoine Missemer wins the 2017 Marcel Boiteux Prize for Energy Economics
Antoine Missemer, who holds a PhD in Economics from HEC Lausanne and is currently working at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris (CIRED laboratory), has been awarded the 2017 Marcel Boiteux Prize for Energy Economics for his book Les Économistes et la fin des énergies fossiles (1865-1931). The prize is awarded by the French Association of Energy Economics (FAEE), affiliated to the IAEE, which brings together thousands of experts from all over the world.
Recent publications
D. Rohner, M. Thoenig. Networks in Conflict. Econometrica.
Dogan B. How to control controlled school choice. American Economic Review.
Berman N., Couttenier M., Rohner D., Thoenig M. This mine is mine! American Economic Review.
Working papers
18.03 - Christian Thöni and Stefan Volk
Conditional Cooperation: Review and Refinement - June 2018
•   Full text
18.02 - Philippe Bacchetta and Elena Perazzi
Sovereign Money Reforms and Welfare - April 2018
•   Full text
18.01 - David Staubli
The Elasticity of Corporate Income: Panel Data Evidence from Switzerland - April 2018
•   Full text
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