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"Human networks at the center of economy and society" - Walras Pareto conference-deba...
Tuesday, October 1, at 18:00 (Internef - auditorium 263), the Faculty of Business and Economics (UNIL) welcomes Professor Matthew O. Jackson, the economist known worldwide for his work on socio-economic networks, as well as a panel of leading figures in politics and economics from French-speaking Switzerland to discuss the topic. [English and French languages]
PIB vaudois : croissance robuste malgré l’environnement international
Juillet 2019 I Les dernières prévisions de croissance pour l’économie vaudoise témoignent toujours des effets sur le canton du ralentissement de l’économie mondiale
Baromètre conjoncturel (conjoncture romande et suisse) - n°94
Juillet 2019 | Évolution jusqu'au troisième trimestre 2019
Peace policies: Prof. Dominic Rohner appointed head of a new research network dedicated...
Recognised as one of the world’s leading research centres for economics, the Centre for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) has just launched a research network dedicated to conflict prevention and peace policies. The head of the new centre of competence, Prof. Dominic Rohner, from HEC Lausanne (UNIL), manages a group of around 30 experts, whose task is to increase the visibility of research in this field among a wide audience.
Prévisions pour l'économie suisse en 2019-2021
Mai 2019 | L'économie suisse devrait se replier nettement en 2019 avant d'accélérer, d'abord modestement en 2020 et plus fortement en 2021.
Recent publications
D. Rohner, M. Thoenig. Networks in Conflict. Econometrica.
Dogan B. How to control controlled school choice. American Economic Review.
Berman N., Couttenier M., Rohner D., Thoenig M. This mine is mine! American Economic Review.
Working papers
19.05 - Adrian Bruhin, Maha Manai and Luis Santos-Pinto
Revised : Risk and Rationality: The Relative Importance of Probability Weighting and Choice Set Dependence - August 2019
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19.04 Bettina Klaus and Alexandru Nichifor
Serial Dictatorship Mechanisms with Reservation Prices - August 2019
•   Full text
19.03 - Ernest Dautovic
Has Regulatory Capital Made Banks Safer? Skin in the Game vs Moral Hazard - May 2019
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