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Guangpeng Ren


I'm interested in understanding the evolution and the systematics of the Primula section Armerina. I aim at investigating large-scale geographical patterns of dispersion of this group and will provide a global view of the biogeography in this group.
I am also interested in understanding more detailed phylogeographic patterns for three closely related species of this section. I am using novel genomic techniques to get fine scale genetic information to better understand the evolution of this group of species during the uplift of the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau.

PhD student in Phylogenetics lab, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

M.S. in Molecular Ecology lab, Lanzhou Universtiy, China

B.S. in Biology, Lanzhou University, China

In press |  2015 | 

In Press
Guangpeng Ren. Rubén G. Mateo. Jianquan Liu. Tomasz Suchan. Nadir Alvarez. Antoine Guisan. Elena Conti. Nicolas Salamin., In Press. Genetic consequences of Quaternary climatic oscillations in the Himalayas: Primula tibetica as a case study based on RAD sequencing. New Phytologist .


Office room: 2105
Phone: +4121 692 4186
Fax: +4121 692 4165

Member of Salamin group

Biophore - CH-1015 Lausanne  - Switzerland  -  Tel. +41 21 692 41 60  -  Fax +41 21 692 41 65
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