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Welcome to DEE / Intranet

1. At the Department of Ecology and Evolution | 2. At the University of Lausanne | 3. Daily life

1. At the Department of Ecology and Evolution


Dear new members of the DEE,

In this small document you will find some tricks, some advice and most of all interesting addresses. The aim is simply to help you gain some time and to integrate more easily into daily life at the DEE, at the University of Lausanne and the beautiful city of Lausanne.

With best regards,

Important people
Laurent Keller (office 3121): Head of the department (director)
Marlène Petit (office 3105): Administrator of the department
Philippe Christe (office 3122): In charge of the assignment of assistants to courses and practicals
Franck Chalard (office 1106): Manages the cars, inventories of various gear, the person to ask, if you need a special field or experimental equipment, even if it needs to be built, responsible for coffee orders, ...
Anne-Lyse Ducrest Roulin (office 3201): In charge of the lab on the second floor as well as security in the labs
Dessislava Savova (office office 4320): In charge of the lab at the fourth floor
Christophe Jeanmonod (reception) : distribution of incoming parcels and mails
Patrick Moratal (office 3217): Computer support at the DEE
Consolée Aletti (office 4314): Management of DEE orders
Anne Cuendet (office 3106): Secretary : keys and cash
Giusy Girardi (office 3109): Secretary : steward of office material
Lena Kolecek (office 3109): Secretary: booking of the DEE meeting room 4311; in charge of the DEE phone list. Please let her know any change of room.
Camille Roux (office 4319) and Eric Lucas (office 2108): are representatives of the post-docs students at the DEE
Christophe Dufresnes and Glenn Litsios are representatives of PhD students at the DEE (offices 2103 and 3203)
Caroline Betto-Colliard (office 3106): Coordinator of the Inter-University Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution (EE)
Josiane Bonetti (office 2403): Librarian of the Biophore Building: campus card activation.
Jennifer von Schinkel (phone 4015): In charge of the reservations of the classrooms.
Yvan Marendaz (int.phone 2470) in charge of the technical support for Biophore Building

The three secretaries of the department, Anne Cuendet, Giusy Girardi and Lena Kolecek, are each responsible for certain research groups. Your group leader will inform you, who of them is in charge of your group. Contact her for all administrative procedure.

The cafeteria, which is reserved for the members of the DEE is located on the second floor of the Biophore building (room 2103). There you will find some milk for coffee, sugar, tea, which are available for those who participate with CHF 24.-- for one year (2.-- per month), paid to Anne Cuendet (office 3109).
The coffee orders are taken individually by Franck Chalard (office 1106). There is a list, where you can indicate which coffee and how many you would like to order. Once the order arrives, Frank will send an email and you can get your coffee in his office and pay.


The two shared molecular biology labs are 4321 (fourth floor) and 2109 (second floor). Depending on your group, there may be other labs (see Laboratory handbook). Anne-Lyse Ducrest Roulin (office 3201) is in charge of the lab on the second floor as well as security files for the labs. On your arrival, everyone who uses the lab has to sign the security sheet after reading the rules of security on the website of the DEE (see at the top right of this page the documents "Internal safety regulation DBMV & DEE" and "Contract of safety measures").

Animal care
At the DEE, there is an animal care area inside, on the 1st floor of Biophore, and there is one outside [near the greenhouses].  Dr. Philippe Christe is in charge of these areas; please let him know if you plan to get new species. Laelia Maumary, Jézaelle Rufener, Jason Buser are our 3 animal keepers; you can contact them by email: anim_dee@unil.ch. If you plan to be away and need help with animal care, please inform one of them of any changes to your normal care instructions well in advance to ensure that your animals will be taken care of as requested.
Animals in our care are subject to federal legislation regarding animal welfare.

The library for Biology is situated on the 2nd floor of the Biophore building (2403). Josiane Bonetti is the librarian. If you are looking for particular articles, she can help you. You can find the database with all scientific journals which can be accessed from the department on the website http://perunil.unil.ch
The opening hours and conditions to borrow a book are listed on this website: www.unil.ch/bibliobiol.
Outside of opening hours, the library is accessible with the Campus card. For more details about this card, see below.

Reservation of rooms
Course and info rooms can be booked by Jennifer von Schinkel (tel. 4015). The keys for the course rooms and practicals can be found in the corridor of the 4th floor (in front of the office 4320) and at the office 3112. Please bring them back after use!
An extra key (emergency only) can be found at Anne’s office (3109).

Photocopier and printer
On each floor, a photocopier and a printer can be found. The photocopier on the 4th floor can also be used as a scanner. See the manual just next to it.

The department organizes generally two seminars per week: an internal seminar every Tuesday at 12:15, room 2917.2 of the Biophore and an external seminar every Wednesday at 12:15, in the Amphitheatre of the Biophore. The program for these seminars can be found on the website of the DEE, link “Seminars & Events”.
Furthermore, “topic groups” about certain subjects are regularly organized in the department. For more information see the website of the DEE, link “Seminars & Events”.
Every first Monday of the month a BIG seminar will take place, at 17:00, in the Amphitheatre of the Biophore.
Beginning of each week you will generally receive an email with a summary of all seminars of the week, sent by Patrick Moratal.

Representatives DEE
Once a month, there is department meeting. The aim of this meeting is to take care of the internal functioning of the department. The group leaders attend the meeting. The representatives of the staff and assistants (PhD students and post-docs) also participate in this meeting. They are there to represent you. So if you have questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to contact them. The present representatives of the PhD students is Glenn Litsios (office 3203) and Christophe Dusfresnes (office 2103) : for the post-docs Camille Roux (office 4319) and Eric Lucas (office 2108).

For more information see: www.unil.ch/dee


2. At the University of Lausanne

Campus card
Shortly after the registration at the University you will receive a Campus card. To activate it, first pass by the library of the Biophore (2nd floor), then go to one of the Campus Card Terminals (the closest one is in the “Amphipôle”). Once activated, you can use your Campus card on the entire campus of the University. The Campus card can also be used to pay. Charge it with cash at a Campus Card Cash Terminal. Charged or not, you get a reduced price for your meal in the campus cafeterias (student eateries) if you pay with your Campus Card.

There are two associations, which can represent you at the University. The “Association des Doctorants et Assistants en Sciences” (ADAS) and the “Association du Corps Intermédiaire De l'Université de Lausanne” (ACIDUL). If you would like to engage in these associations, they will be happy to welcome you. For more information see their sites:
ADAS: www.unil.ch/adas and ACIDUL: www.unil.ch/acidul

Where to eat?
Near our Department there are two cafeterias: one at the “Amphimax” and one at the “Unithèque” (”La Banane”). Rush hours are from 12:00 to 12:45. Many members of the DEE eat at the “Banane” around 11:30. Furthermore, there are tables and two microwaves in the cafeteria on the 2nd floor of the Biophore.

Where to have a pint?
There are two bars on the campus: The Zelig, which is situated in the Geopolis building (www.zelig.ch) and the Satellite on the campus of the EPFL (sat.epfl.ch).
Every second Thursday of the semester, the LAB (”L'Association des étudiants en Biologie”) organizes the “workchoppe” (1 CHF for a beer) in the hall of the Biophore (or if temperatures allow it, next to the Biophore).


Where to withdraw money?
The BCV (Banque cantonale vaudoise) has a desk on the campus, in the Internef building. There is furthermore a post office with a cash point on the campus of the EPFL, as well as an UBS and Credit Suisse bank.

Where to work out?
The sports center of UNIL and EPFL is on the shore of the lake and offers multiple activities: www.unil.ch/sport.

Learn the local language (and many others)
The centre for languages of the University offers several modules: www.unil.ch/cdl.
If you prefer to learn a language in a less formal way, check out “Tandem”: www.unil.ch/tandem.

Where to park your car?
You need an authorization, but restrictions may apply if you are living in Lausanne or in the suburbs. To park your car on the campus of the UNIL please ask : http://www.unil.ch/unisep/page95969.html.

For more information see: www.unil.ch


3. Daily life

Residence permit
A permit is needed, all the paperwork has been filled prior to your arrival by the secretaries of the DEE. Upon your arrival you have to pick up your permit at the «contrôle des habitants» of your «commune de résidence». The cost of the first permit is reimbursed by the University (ask the secretary of your group) so keep your receipt please.

In Switzerland, it is compulsory to have health insurance. Insurance policies are always comprised of the compulsory “basic care” package and then some additional insurance, which is optional. Depending on your work contract, you may benefit of a further insurance against accidents from the University.
To compare different Swiss insurance offers: http://en.comparis.ch/versicherung.aspx.

Most apartments are rented not directly by the owner, but by a letting agent (”gérance”).
To find an apartment or a flat share:
- look at the posts on the notice boards at the Unil.
- useful internet sites:
for students: www.unil.ch/sasc/page39822.html
list of letting agents: www.unil.ch/sasc/page6200.html
online search for an apartment:
- association of renters: www.asloca.ch

To obtain internet at your home, there are at least two possibilities: by means of a telephone operator or by means of a TV cable
- TV cable:
by city of Lausanne:
- by telephone

Public transports
You can obtain monthly or annual tickets for buses and “métros” of Lausanne, including the M1 (or “TSOL”) which passes by the Unil, at the TL («Transports publics de la région lausannoise»). For timetables, prices and ticket counters, see: www.t-l.ch.
For those who use the train regularly, there is an annual half-fare ticket valid across the entire country, also valid for buses. If you plan to travel regularly long distances, it is worth to check out the AG («abonnement général», free train, bus and boat for one year). The price is reduced for students (including PhD students).
For train timetables, prices and ticket counters see: www.cff.ch.

Theaters/going out
There are several cinemas, playhouses and concert halls in Lausanne and region. Note, that the Swiss film library is situated at Montbenon. Entrance is free
in 15 museums in Lausanne and Pully every first Saturday of the month.
- film library
- cinema

- concert halls:

- playhouses:

A complete list of all playhouses, concert halls, cinemas, museums, etc can be found on the website of Lausanne:

For regional cultural events, see:

For more information, as for instance maps of the city, see www.lausanne.ch.

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