Carmen Cianfrani

Research Interests | Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

My main research focuses are in conservation biology, conservation planning and spatial predictive modelling. I am particularly interested in using modelling methods as tools for the conservation of the biodiversity.

Curriculum vitae

Born 1980, Isernia (Italy)

2006 – 2010
PhD, University of Molise (Italy) and University of Lausanne (Switzerland), “Multi – scale habitat suitability models for the Eurasian otter”.
Advisors: Prof. Anna Loy, Prof. Antoine Guisan

2009 - in progress
Principal investigator of the project: “Evaluating the reintroduction potential of the Otter in Switzerland: a habitat-modelling approach”, University of Lausanne - Swiss Office of the Environment (OFEV).
Advisor: Antoine Guisan

2005 – 2006
Master, University of Rome La Sapienza (Italy), “Conservation of Animal Biodiversity: Protected Areas and Ecological Networks”.
Director: Prof. Luigi Boitani

Bachelor Degree in Environmental sciences (cum laude), University of Molise (Italy).
Advisor: Prof. Anna Loy


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