Dr. Jean-Luc Gattolliat

Since 1993, I am working with aquatic marcoinvertebrates with a special focus on Ephemeroptera. My primary interest was on the systematics, phylogeny and biogeography of one family of mayflies: the Baetidae. I have now extended my research field to other tropical faunas (especially South East Asia and Middle East) and possess a worldwide expertise of this group. I am primarily an alpha-taxonomist, having described more than 60 species and 8 genera. But I am also very interested in research combining morphological and molecular tools to elucidate phylogeny as well as phylogeography of Ephemeroptera. I am currently working on the problem of colonisation and speciation on different islands. Most of my research is done in collaboration with Michel Sartori.

Born May, 27 1969 in Lausanne

Since 2002:
Research fellow at the Museum of zoology, Lausanne

PhD thesis at UNIL and Museum of zoology, Lausanne: Etude systématique, cladistique et biogéographique des Baetidae (Ephemeroptera) de Madagascar.

scientific collaborator at the ORSTOM entomology lab in Antananarivo, Madagascar

master thesis at UNIL and Museum of zoology, Lausanne: Etude biocénotique des macroinvertébrés colonisant les canaux de la réserve naturelle des Grangettes (Vaud)

Studies in biology at UNIL

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