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Division of Experimental Oncology
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Group members

Name Fonction Contact
Curzio Rüegg Head, Associate Professor curzio.ruegg@unil.ch
Sophie Cherpillod Secretary sophie.cherpillod@epfl.ch
Girieca Lorusso Postdoctoral fellow girieca.lorusso@unil.ch
Francesca Botta Postdoctoral fellow francesca.botta@unil.ch
Francois Kuonen MD-PhD student francois.kuonen@unil.ch
Qiang Lan PhD student Qiang.Lan@unil.ch
Yu-Ting Huang PhD student yu-ting.huang@unil.ch
Gregory Bieler Research Associate gregory.bieler@unil.ch
Agnese Mariotti Project Head agnese.mariotti@unil.ch
Coralie Carrascosa Technical Assistant coralie.carrascosa@unil.ch
Jelena Zaric Project Head jelena.zaric@unil.ch
Lionel Ponsonnet Technical assistant lionel.ponsonnet@unil.ch
Marie-Agnes Doucey Project Head marie-agnes.doucey@unil.ch
Sylvian Bron Technical assistant sylvain.bron@unil.ch
Gian-Carlo Alghisi Project Head giancarlo.alghisi@unil.ch
Julien Laurent Postdoctoral fellow julien.laurent@chuv.ch
Cédric Touvrey Postdoctoral fellow cedric.touvrey@unil.ch
Eveline Faes Technical assistant eveline.faes@chuv.ch
Ferdy J. Lejeune Honorary Professor ferdinand.lejeune@unil.ch
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