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Mechanisms of melanoma progression


Malignant melanoma is an aggressive tumor that frequently invades and metastasizes early during progression. Our group is interested in the study of signaling pathways promoting melanoma development, with  particular attention to the interplay between melanoma cells and their microenvironment during disease progression.

We have recently identified by proteomic analysis proteins differentially associated with cholesterol-rich membrane microdomains (rafts) of melanoma cells with different degrees of malignancy. Current research projects are focused on understanding the function of some of these proteins and their potential role in melanoma development and progression.


Melanoma progression. Progression from a radial growing phase (RGP) to vertical growing phase (VGP) melanoma is associated with profound changes in expression of adhesion receptors. In particular there is an upregulation of N-cadherin, integrin aVb3

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