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Publications 1995-1999

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D. Hauzenberger, P. Olivier, D. Gundersen and C. Rüegg. (1999) Human Tenascin C inhibits T lymphocytes adhesion to fibronectin by binding to its central cell binding domain. Eur. J. Immunol., 29, 1435-1447   PubMed

P. Olivier, D. Hauzenberger and C. Rüegg. (1999) Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (u-PA) inhibits α4β1-integrin dependent T lymphocyte adhesion to fibronectin independently of its catalytic activity and of u-PA receptor expression. Eur. J. Immunol., 29, 3196-3209   PubMed

C. Rüegg, D. Oguey, F. Lejeune (1999) Death of endothelial cells, death of melanoma? (Editorial). Melanoma Res. 9, 2-3   PubMed

Doucey, M.-A., Hess, D., and Hofsteenge, J. Post-translational modification of recombinant protein: C-mannosylation of human interleukin-12. Glycobiology. 1999, 9(5): 435-41   PubMed



Wary K.K., Mariotti A., Zurzolo C., and Giancotti F.G. (1998) A requirement for caveolin-1 and associated kinase Fyn in integrin signaling and anchorage-dependent cell growth. Cell 94, 625-634.   PubMed

C. Rüegg, A. Yilmaz, G. Bieler, J. Bamat, P. Chaubert, and F. J. Lejeune (1998) Evidence for the involvement of endothelial cell integrin αVβ3 in the disruption of the tumor vasculature induced by TNF and IFN. Nature Med. 4. 408-414   PubMed

A. Yilmaz, G. Bieler, O. Spertini, F.J. Lejeune, C. Rüegg. (1998). Pulse treatment of human vascular endothelial cells with high doses of tumor necrosis factor and interferon-gamma results in simultaneous synergistic and reversible effects on proliferation and morphology. Int. J. Cancer., 77, 592-599   PubMed

S. Marazzi, S. Blum, R. Hartmann, D. Gundersen, M. Schreyer, S. Argraves, V. von Fliedner, R. Pytela and C. Rüegg (1998) Characterization of human fibroleukin, a fibrinogen-like protein secreted by T lymphocytes. J. Immunol., 161, 138-147   PubMed

F. J. Lejeune, C. Rüegg, D. Liénard. (1998) Clinical applications of TNF-α in cancer. Curr. Opin. Immunol. 10, 573-580   PubMed

Doucey, M.-A., Hess, D., Cacan, R., and Hofsteenge, J. (1998) Protein C-mannosylation is enzyme-catalysed and uses dolichyl-phosphate-mannose as a precursor. Mol. Biol. Cell. , 9: 291-300   PubMed



D. Gundersen, F. Mourali, C. Trân-Thang, B. Sordat, C. Rüegg (1997). Plasmin-mediated proteolysis of tenascin-C: modulation by T-lymphocyte-derived urokinase-type of plasminogen activator and effect on T lymphocyte adhesion, activation and cell agrgregation. J. Immunol. 158, 1051-1060   PubMed

M. Furrer, H.J. Altermatt, H. B. Ris, U. Althous, C. Rüegg, D. Liénard, F.J. Lejeune (1997). Lack of antitumor activity of human recombinant TNF-α, alone or in combination with melphalan in a nude mouse human melanoma xenograft system. Melanoma Res. 7, Suppl. 2, 43-50   PubMed

J. Gérain, M. Baumgartner, D. Liénard, C. Rüegg, W. Buurman, A. Eggermont, F.J., Lejeune. (1997). Systemic release of soluble TNF receptors after high-dose TNF application in isolation perfusion of the limb. Cytokine, 9, 1034-1042   PubMed

Krieg, J., Gläsner, W., Vincentini, A., Doucey, M.-A., Löffler, A., Hess, D., and Hofsteenge, J. Protein C-mannosylation is an intracellular process, performed by a variety of cultured cells. J. Biol. Chem. 1997, 272: 26687-26692   PubMed



M. Schlaeppi, C. Rüegg, C. Trân-Thang, Chapuis, G., Tevaearay, H., Lahm, H., B. Sordat. (1996) Role of integrins and evidence for two distinct mechanisms mediating colorectal cancinoma cell interaction with mesothelial cells and extracelular matrix proteins. Cell Adh. Comm. 4, 439-455   PubMed

Löffler, A., Doucey, M.-A., Jansson, A. M., Müller, D. R., de Beer, T., Hess, D., Meldal, M , Richter, W. J , Vliegenthart, J. F. G, and Hofsteenge, J. Spectroscopic and protein chemical analyses demonstrate the presence of C-mannosylated tryptophan in intact human RNase 2 and its isoforms. Biochemistry.1996, 35: 12005-12014  



C. Rüegg, and R. Pytela. (1995). Sequence of a human transcript expressed in T lymphocytes and encoding a fibrinogen-like protein. Gene 160, 257-62.   PubMed

S. Schenk, D. Liénard, J. Gérain, M. Baumgartner, F. J. Lejeune, R. Chiquet-Ehrismann, C. Rüegg (1995) Rapid increase in serum tenascin-C concentration after isolated limb perfusion with high dose tumor necrosis factor (TNF), interferon gamma (IFN) and melphalan for regionally advanced tumors.Int. J. Cancer 63, 665-672.   PubMed

C. Rüegg. (1995) T lymphocyte recirculation and interaction with extracellular matrix proteins: molecular mechanisms and relevance to the anti-tumor immune response. Bulletin Suisse du Cancer 15, 63-69.

F.J. Lejeune, D. Liénard, C. Rüegg, S. Leyvraz (1995) Soft tissue sarcoma therapy: prospects for future studies.Eur. J. Surg. Oncol. 21, 474-477   PubMed


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