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Our students are either at the beginning of a promising career in international legal affairs or sometimes already have substantial first experience.

At the University we provide them with the opportunity to participate in the regularly organized Career Days (AIESEC) which allow them to meet future employers from the private sector, IOs, NGOs and Government on campus.

We also encourage our students to talk to our teachers who are mostly experienced practitioners in IOs and NGOs or working with the Government bodies.

Furthermore our students are able to rely on the LLM Lausanne Alumni Network (ALL) with hundreds of former students working now in law firms, Government bodies, MNEs, IOs and NGOs.

Of course the staff and professors of the programme are always available to assist students in finding internships, jobs or academic positions.

Last but not least, we would like to mention NEUVOO, a job search engine that indexes jobs directly from companies career websites, placement agencies and job boards. NEUVOO Switzerland centralizes jobs available in Switzerland, whereas NEUVOO UK could also be useful for job seekers given that our LLM is very international. 

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