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en français

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auf Deutsch / en allemand

  • Ehlers, Dirk / Wolffgang, Hans-Michael / Schröder, Ulrich Jan (Hrsg.), Rechtsfragen internationaler Investitionen, Frankfurt a. M., 2009 (301 Seiten).

en espanol

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The UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE ON TRADE AND DEVELOPMENT (UNCTAD) has commissioned a « Course on Dispute Settlement ». This Course on Dispute Settlement consists of 41 modules which are available online. Copies may be downloaded free of charge on the understanding that they will be used for teaching or study and not for a commercial purpose. A number of tem related to dispute settlement in the area of international investment law:

1. General Topics

Ms. B. Shifman and Mr. H. Holtzmann 1.3 Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA)

2. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

Mr. C. Schreuer 2.1 Overview
Mr. A. Reinisch 2.2 Selecting the Appropriate Forum
Mr. C. Schreuer 2.3 Consent to Arbitration
Ms. M. Al-Sharmani 2.4 Requirements Ratione Personae
Mr. A. Escobar 2.5 Requirements Ratione Materiae •
Mr. G. S. Tawil 2.6 Applicable Law
Mr. E. Schwartz and Mr. R. Mohtashami 2.7 Procedural Issues
Ms. D. Wang 2.8 Post-Award Remedies
Ms. D. Wang 2.9 Binding Force and Enforcement

3. World Trade Organization

Ms. D. Steger 3.13 GATS English

6. Regional Approaches

Ms. L. Ojeda Cardenas & Ms. C. Azar 6.1 NAFTA
Mr. E. Grebler 6.2 MERCOSUR
Mr. S. Sucharitkul 6.3 ASEAN

in English

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