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New paper from the Mitri lab reveals conditions for bacterial facilitation / DMF
A paper from the Mitri lab published in PNAS investigates how interactions between four bacterial species depend on the environment: In a harsh environment where single species are unable to grow, the only option becomes to work together. As the environment becomes more habitable, competition dominates.
New DMF discovery: ParB is a CTPase
A collaborative project headed by the Gruber lab at the DMF revealed that ParB proteins are enzymes that bind and hydrolyse CTP as they load onto chromosomes and plasmids in bacteria. The unexpected finding may lead to the development of novel classes of antimicrobial compounds.
New paper from the Veening lab/DMF
New paper from the Veening lab in Molecular Microbiology in which BactMAP is presented. BactMAP is an R-package that allows quantitative analysis and visualization of bacterial microscopy data coming out of any kind of software (e.g. Oufti, MicrobeJ, Supersegger, etc).
New paper by the Mitri/Resch lab - DMF
A collaborative project between the Mitri and Resch labs shows how biofilms can protect bacteria against phage attack. Having an insensitive bacterial competitor in the same biofilm prevents the evolution of resistance to the phage.
DMF/Martin Lab.: A toolbox of Stable Integration Vectors (SIV) in the fission yeast...
A new toolbox for stable DNA integration in yeast
DMF/Martin-Lab. : Capping Protein Insulates Arp2/3-Assembled Actin Patches from Formins
How do cells simultaneously build different actin structures from the same building blocks?
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