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Diego Gonzalez

How is DNA replication coordinated with other cell cycle events? (Diego Gonzalez)

We expect that many mechanisms will be involved in the coordination of cell cycle events during the C. crescentus cell cycle. One of these may involve the essential CcrM DNA methyltransferase that changes the methylation state of the chromosome as a function of the cell cycle. We wish to understand why CcrM is essential for cell cycle progression and cell viability, and how DNA methylation regulates the transcription of diverse genes in C. crescentus.

How is the cell cycle influenced by metabolic cues and stresses? (Katharina Eich and Diego Gonzalez)

C. crescentus has extra-ordinary capacities to survive in nutrient-limited environments. We are characterizing several regulatory pathways adjusting the development of C. crescentus in response to such stresses or to metabolic changes.

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