Genetic adaptation and evolution

  • ICEclc transfer among pseudomonads (Roxane Moritz)
  • Regulation of ICEclc bistability of Pseudomonas sp. strain B13 (Andrea Vucicevic, Nicolas Carraro, Xavier Richard)

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Bacterial bioreporters and Pollution Effects

  • Ribose-binding protein and chemoreceptor based bioreporters (Vitali Maffenbeier, Diogo Tavares)
  • Degradation of pharmaceuticals at low carbon concentrations (Birge Özel)

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Microbial community analysis

  • Studying the soil interactome with invasive species (Manupriyam Dubey, Noushin Hadadi)
  • Strain inoculation effects (Marian Morales, Vladimir Sentchilo)


Collaborative Projects

MicroScapesX - A Swiss initiative between UNIL, EPFL, CHUV and ETHZ on synthetic ecology of microbial communities, coordinated by our group.

BRAAVOO - An FP7 program coordinated by our group on engineering and integration of biosensors in marine monitoring systems. Finished in December 2016.

Envirobot - A NanoTera initiative between UNIL, EPFL, Eawag and HES-SO on the integration of biosensors in an aquatic robot, coordinated by our group.

ST-FLOW - An FP7 supported programme focused on standardization in synthetic biology.

BIOMONAR - An FP7 supported research project (2010-2014) focused on the development of bioreporter platforms.

Arsenic Biosensors...>> Sinergia and Gebert-Rüf Stiftung supported

BACSIN - A research consortium in FP7 coordinated by our group (2009-2012). 

FACEiT - A research project (2006-2009) supported by the Sixth EU Framework Programme.

Open sea analysis of oil contamination during the FACEiT project. Picture: Kamila Czechowska.

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