Hi-TIDe : Systems immunopharmacology

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Marie-Agnès DOUCEY
Senior scientist | Group leader
Human integrated tumor immunology discovery engine (Hi-TIDe)

Department of oncology UNIL CHUV
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne

Phone +41 21 692 59 60
Email Marie-Agnes.Doucey@unil.ch

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Research interest

Our primary research interest is to understand and reverse the complex molecular mechanisms of immune cell dysfunction within the tumor microenvironment in order to develop novel immunotherapeutic interventions for cancer patients.

Research group projects

Our group developed an innovative integrated approach combining computational biology and a novel ex vivo tumor microenvironment  model of primary tumor-derived mixed co-cultures. This novel approach allows to unravel new therapeutic combinations and to dissect the cellular and molecular mechanisms of the tumor microenvironemnt in response to these combinations.

Selected publications

  • Puppo F, Doucey M.-A, Delaloye J.-F, Moh Y, Pandraud G, Sarro M, DeMicheli G and Carrara S. SiNW-FET in-Air Biosensors for High Sensitive and Specific Detection in Breast Tumor Extract. IEEE Sensors Journal. Volume 16, Issue 10, pp. 3374-3381 (2016).

  • Crespo I, Doucey M-A, Xenarios I. Social networks help to infer causality in the tumor microenvironment. BMC research note, 15;9:168/s13104-016-1976-8 (2016).

  • Doucey M.-A. and Xenarios I. Towards a rational design of combination therapy in cancer. Oncoimmunology. Jul 7;4(11) (2015).

  • Crespo I, Götz L, Lietchi R, Doucey M-A, Xenarios I. Identification of combinations of marker genes for favorable prognosis in cancer by non-hypothesis-driven iterative survival analysis. Npg, Systems Biology and Applications, in press, (2016).

  • Turrini R, Pabois A, Coukos G, Xenarios I, Delaloye J-F, Doucey M.-A. TIE-2 expressing monocytes in human cancer. Review. Oncoimmunology, in press(2017).


  • Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF)

Group members

Ch. des Boveresses 155 - CH-1066 Epalinges
Tel. +41 21 692 59 92
Fax +41 21 692 59 95
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