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Johanna Joyce in Nature Cancer on the TME
Nature Cancer's launch issue invites ten researchers, amongst whom Johanna Joyce, to draw out a roadmap for the next decade in cancer research.
Douglas Hanahan appointed Distinguished Scholar of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer...
A pioneering molecular biologist and renowned cancer researcher, Pr Hanahan has made several seminal discoveries in cancer biology and immunology over the course of his career.
Margret Schottelius - 3 Questions
As head of the Translational radiopharmaceutical sciences laboratory within the Service of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging CHUV, and based at AGORA, Pr Schottelius is also affiliated to the Department of oncology and the Ludwig Lausanne branch.
Ping-Chih Ho appointed Associate Member of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research
The Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research recognises Pr Ho's pioneering work in Lausanne in the burgeoning field of immunometabolism.
Biotechnologies to tackle the challenge of neoantigen identification
George Coukos, head of the Department of oncology UNIL CHUV, co-authors this review article with Alexandre Harari, both of the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research Lausanne branch.
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