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Department of Actuarial Science (DSA)

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Cycle de conférences - 11 juin 2019
2ème conférence de l'année du cycle en collaboration avec l'Association Suisse des Assurances - Assurances vie, maladie ou sociales : quel(s) outil(s) pour financer la santé et les soins de nos aînés ?
Prof. Hansjoerg Albrecher appointed Editor-in-Chief of the European Actuarial Journal...
Hansjoerg Albrecher, Professor at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, has been appointed Editor-in-Chief of the European Actuarial Journal (EAJ). The school congratulates him for this nomination.
HEC Lausanne: Twenty-six research projects secure funding in 2018
Twenty-six projects involving researchers from HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne were selected for grant funding in 2018. The total support will amount to over CHF 20 million, spread over several months or years, and will enable the researchers to create teams while working on their projects. This funding recognizes the excellence of the scientific research carried out at HEC Lausanne.
Assurances: derrière chaque prime se cache un actuaire
Dans une interview sur la radio RTS La Première, le Professeur Joël Wagner explique les rouages du métier d’actuaire.
HEC Lausanne research ranked in the top 100 in Europe: ten professors stand out
Ten professors from the Faculty of Business and Economics at UNIL are listed among the researchers who are most often cited in academic publications in the European Union and Switzerland, according to the InCites ranking for October 2018. These excellent results place the University of Lausanne in the top 100, more specifically in 76th position, in the “Business & Economics” field out of 1,763 universities, institutes or research centers. These results reflect the excellence and high academic impact of the Faculty’s research.
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