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Indo Swiss Research Programme in Social Sciences


The Faculty Exchange Programme (FEP) of the Indo Swiss Research Programme in Social Sciences is designed to encourage the dialogue between Swiss and Indian scholars (faculty members and research staff) in social sciences. The aim of this programme is to foster research collaborations in areas not covered by the Indo Swiss Joint Research Programme.

FEP grants are designed to fund travel and living expenses for exchanges of researchers between Switzerland and India. Other project-related costs may be funded as well.

The FEP grants can include up to two researchers and scientists from each side. In addition, PhD students can take part to the project if connected to the Swiss applicant or to the Indian partner.

Priority research areas

The social sciences are taken at a large sense with a priority to:

  • Governance and policy,
  • Sustainable urban development and land use,
  • Democracy,
  • Inclusive growth, green economy, economic growth and development,
  • Public health and well-being,
  • Food security,
  • Population, ageing and migration,
  • Higher education development, science and innovation policies

(Not limited to Swiss or Indian issues exclusively.)

Grant information

Travel and subsistence costs for Swiss researchers/PhD students going to India and living costs for Indian researchers/PhD students in Switzerland can be requested for a maximum of 6 visits from each side spread over the project duration of 2 years. Other project-related costs such as field survey costs may be requested as well.


There is currently no open call for proposals. A new call might be launched at the end of 2014.

More information

Please see the Call for Proposals and the Application form for detailed information about the programme (eligibility, allowances, evaluation criteria, etc.).

Interested Indian scholars should visit the ICSSR website for more information and contact details.

Swiss scholars can contact Mr Marc Pilloud, International Relations Office, University of Lausanne (tel. +41 (0)21 692 20 23) for any question.

Other fundings for research projects with India

If the project does not fall into the categories financed by the above-mentioned programmes, it might be financed by other institutions and programmes. Some alternative sources of funding are listed on this page.

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Indian Partner

Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR)

Administrative guidelines

pdf   Guidelines for Visits, 2012 call  (247 Kb)

Grant recipients

pdf   Grant recipients 2012  (49 Kb)

pdf   Grant recipients 2010  (56 Kb)

pdf   Grant recipients 2008-2009  (37 Kb)

2012 call

pdf   Call of Proposals 2012  (98 Kb)

doc   Application form 2012  (144 Kb)

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