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People to contact in the event of a problem

You can contact the following people in the event of an administrative, educational or practical problem:

Teachers Affairs Manager: Raffaella Guidi


021 692 40 12

for any questions regarding your course concerning teaching and administration or exams
for any question or updating of the website


Educational advisor: Marie-Paule Charnay


021 692 40 11

for any question regarding the evaluations and visibility of programmes


IT technician: Julien Gianotti


021 692 41 71

for any questions regarding the audiovisual facilities in the Biophore and PW rooms and on using the computer rooms


Student affairs management: Almudena Vazquez


021 692 40 10

for any questions concerning the study rules, course enrolments and administrative deadlines


Study plans and schedules management: Jacqueline Verardi

 Jacqueline.Verardi [@]unil.ch

021 692 40 13

for any questions regarding your schedules and classrooms as well as access and procedures in SylviaAcad


Exams: Jennifer von Schinkel


021 692 40 15

for any questions concerning the organisation of exams

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