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Programmes of the School of Biology

The School of Biology offers and organises:

a Bachelor of Science degree in biology (Bachelor's degree in biology, BSc) which lasts 3 years and is equivalent to 180 ECTS credits.

three Master of Science degrees in biology entirely in English (Master of Science in biology, MSc) each of which lasts 1.5 years and is equivalent to 90 ECTS.

Master of Science in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation (Msc BEC)
Master of Science in Medical Biology  (MSc BM)
Master of Science in Molecular Life Sciences  (MSc MLS)

The 1st year of study of the Bachelor of Science in pharmaceutical sciences (BSc in pharmaceutical sciences) which is equivalent to 60 ECTS credits.

These programmes are followed by more than 500 students who are supervised by approximately 150 teachers.

In addition to the students enrolled at the FBM, the School of Biology hosts exchange students on its programmes, students from the HEP (University of Teacher Education) and students from other UNIL faculties, other universities or from the EPFL.

The School of Biology also organises a summer research programme (SUR Programme) for undergraduate students from around the world

Training programmes in biology at other Swiss universities can be reached via the site 

Bachelor degrees at Swiss universities

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