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SylviaAcad "Teacher" menu

In the long list of management features of SylviaAcad, one part is more particularly intended for teachers. These features are grouped together under the intranet heading "Teachers" (9th line of the SylviaAcad menu).
The list for the "Teachers" menu is as follows (you can access the corresponding procedure by clicking on the underlined headings):

  • Courses and modules: lets you search courses according to different criteria (teacher, level, etc.)
  • Updating my courses: enables the course descriptions to be updated
  • Information on my courses (not used at the SB)
  • Information on my tests (not used at the SB)
  • Enrolments to my courses and attendance certificates: list of students enrolled on your lessons and sending email
  • Enrolments to my tests: list of students enrolled in your exams
  • Capture of my CCs (not used in the SB)
  • Capture of marks for exchange students: (not used in the SB)
  • My course schedules: schedule of courses you are involved in
  • My exam schedules: schedule for the tests you are responsible for
  • My exchange agreements (not used at the SB)


General Informations


SylviaAcad is the name of the database used for the academic management of students and programmes at UNIL.

It was developed between 1997 and 1998 as a prototype for the Biology section of the Faculty of Science. Over the course of the integration of the various faculties, new features have been developed, while retaining a common core to cover the basic management of the studies.

The School of Biology was one of the first users to adopt computerised management on SylviaAcad from A to Z. Since 2004 the study plans and the students files from the School of Biology have been fully managed in SylviaAcad.

To find out more: CI magazine from March 2004 and September 2005


The academic management of programmes in SylviaAcad includes managing the study plans (schedules and descriptions of courses, schedules, exam protocols and result calculations) as well as managing students (registrations, exam results, Bachelor and Masters degree supplements).

The centralised information in SylviaAcad is exported for various uses:

In UNIDOC: for Internet access intended for a wide audience to find out the study plans (lists, descriptions and course schedules)

In MyUNIL: for limited access with a login primarily intended for students to consult their schedules, course descriptions and their academic record (marks and exam results) 



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