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Scholarships and student rates

Costs of living and studying | Scholarships | Master's Scholarships at the University of Lausanne

Costs of living and studying

The basic budget of a student is about CHF 1850.- per month.

Registration fees for courses and examinations, and semester fees: CHF 580 (per semester).

The payment slip issued by the Service des immatriculations et inscriptions allows the students to pay the fees at one of the Swiss postal counters or by e-banking.


Several services are able to inform you on the granting of scholarships. First, we strongly recommend that you contact the Service des affaires socio-culturelles (SASC) (i.e, Student Affairs) of the University of Lausanne.

The Service of Socio-Cultural affairs of the University of Lausanne

Information on social affairs in general, including scholarships.

Others grants, funds and subsidies

The Grant office of UNIL proposes a large number of funds and foundations that are likely to award scholarships or grants for education or research projects, valid for all faculties. You will find in the section "Other sources of financial aide" a selection of major suppliers of national and international subsidies.

Vaud: Office cantonal des bourses d’études et d’apprentissage

Information on the conditions and processes for obtaining a scholarship in the canton of Vaud.

State scholarships for Swiss students

The Conférence des Recteurs des Universités Suisses (CRUS) administers, on behalf of the Confederation, the state scholarships from abroad that are offered to Swiss students. The state scholarships are published within the section "State Scholarships". Other opportunities of financial aide are also listed in various sections.

IEFA: International Education Financial Aid

Directory of scholarship and financial aid possibilities granted to “international” students. Many useful links.

Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala

The foundation Zdenek and MIchaela Bakala gives scholarships to students or to researchers to offer the opportunity to study in the best foreign universities in USA, Great Britain or in Europe.

This programme is for students or PhD students from University of Geneva, University of Lausanne and Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale of Lausanne. It is not a programme for SEMP students (ex-ERASMUS).

For more information.

Master's Scholarships at the University of Lausanne

In order to facilitate the access to Master’s studies for graduate students from foreign universities, the Headmaster of the University of Lausanne grants annually on a competitive basis ten Master scholarships.

UNIL Master's grants

Deadline for applications: 15th of December


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