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Registrations | Dates of exam sessions and session schedules | Exam dates for Autumn Session 2015 | Evaluation procedures | Requirements for passing the exams | Entrance examination | Appeals


Where and how to register?

The courses registration implies automatically the exams registration. It can be done via intranet on the page “Registration and Deadlines”, » according to the terms indicated on that page.

When to register?

Please refer to the exam schedule for registration deadlines and the dates of exam sessions.

Course validations

Some Bachelor exams can only be taken if the student has obtained a course validation. In general, this validation testifies that the student has done the exercises or laboratory work related to the course.

The needs for a course validation are describe under "Exam procedures".

Dates of exam sessions and session schedules

The dates of the exam sessions are in the file: Exam schedule (pdf) .

Students must be available throughout the entire period of each session. The examination schedules are listed below before each session. Students are notified of the publication of the exam schedules by email.

WARNING: The schedules published on the website are subject to change and no appeal based on the published schedules can be made. 

Evaluation procedures

Please find in the table below the lists of exams for each step of the curriculum. These lists include, for each exam:

• The session at which the exam is held

• The modality for the exam

• The authorized materials at the exam

• Any requirements for course validation

These examination procedures are regulatory and students are deemed to have read the information contained therein.

Requirements for passing the exams

At the end of each exam period, an electronic record is prepared for each student, indicating if the student has passed or failed the corresponding step in the Bachelor or Master curriculum.
The requirements for passing these steps are given in the tables below (pdfs):

Entrance examination

For that which concerns:

• The requirements for participating in the entrance exam
• Registration in the entrance exam

Please refer to the page Admission requirements

Exam schedule for entrance exam - Autumn session exam 2015
Exam schedule for entrance - Autumn session 2015  (55 Ko)


Guidelines for the acceptance of an appeal

An appeal can only be lodged within the 33 calendar days following the electronic notification of the exam results (initial date = email announcing the publication of the results on MyUNIL, sent by the secretariat of the School of Biology).

To be accepted, an appeal must:
• Cite precise and admissible motives, such as non-compliance with the regulations, improper procedure, grievance over arbitrariness.
• Be written by the student or be accompanied by a proxy of the student if it is lodged by a third person.

A “request for justification of a mark” (but not a dispute of the mark) can be sent to the professor concerned, who must allow the student to consult the test.

Address the appeal to:

Direction de l’Ecole de biologie
Quartier UNIL-Sorge
Bâtiment Amphipôle
CH-1015 Lausanne


Amphipôle - CH-1015 Lausanne  - Suisse  -  Tel. +41 21 692 40 10  -  Fax +41 21 692 40 05
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