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Career prospects

Life Science Career Day (LSCD) | Orientation at UNIL | ALUMNIL

Life Science Career Day (LSCD)


The School of Biology and the Doctoral School of FBM in collaboration with the "Lemanic Neuroscience" Doctoral School UNIL-UNIGE and the "Bioscience Network Lausanne" (BSNL) organize early May the Life Science Career Day. This is a symposium at which scientists come to share their professional experiences in the industry and other public institutions with young science graduates. 



Orientation at UNIL

Designed to stimulate individual reflection and intellectual curiosity, biology studies also aim to develop autonomy, a sense of responsibility, analysis, synthesis and argumentation abilities, spoken and written expression and critical thinking, so that each student can become a full participant in society as well as in the professional world.

The Bachelor in Biology

Studies leading to the Bachelor degree in Biology offer a broad vision of the various fields of biology as well as the various levels of organization of life, from molecules to ecosystems. The Bachelor in Biology represents an intermediate step. It is a basic education programme recognized at the European level.

After a Bachelor in Biology:

  • continuation your academic education with a Master
  • education for teaching at secondary school (collège)
  • acquisition of a first professional experience
  • reorientation
  • ...

The Master in Biology

The Master education programme reflects the strong and internationally recognized fields of research in Lausanne:

• evolutionary biology, behaviour and conservation of species
• medical biology: immunology, pharmacology, metabolism, and neuroscience
• molecular life sciences: genomics, microbiology, plant biology, biotechnology, developmental biology, bioinformatics

The Master in Biology represents a step of specialization.

After a Master in Biology:

  • Doctorate (doctorate school)
  • Teacher training (Haute Ecole Pédagogique)
  • Postgraduate diploma
  • Employment

The three Masters in Biology offer curricula that meet the multiple job opportunities for which an academic background in biology is a major asset. The academic studies develop, in addition to specific academic knowledge, many cross-cutting skills such as communication, critical thinking, analysis and synthesis skills, conducting a research, acquisition and communication of knowledge, autonomy, and critical evaluation in the field of specialisation and the related fields.

This range of skills, associated with specialised knowledge acquired during their studies prepare students for professions in diversified sectors of integration:

  • academic research
  • environmental technology
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • diagnostic and research
  • hospitals
  • medical laboratories
  • expertise laboratories
  • museums and conservation
  • organisations for wildlife preservation
  • consultancies
  • federal research station
  • education
  • ...

The multiplicity of job opportunities after a Master degree prevents us from listing all the possibilities here.

Teaching in the secondary

  • Biology and teacher training
  • Teachable subjects (Table of teachable disciplines + number of credits required minimally in a discipline)

Information pour les étudiants en biologie qui se destinent à enseigner au secondaire I ou au secondaire II (PDF)

The future of our graduates

Our latest polls show that a year after graduation:

  • 50-60% of our graduates continue their education
  • 20-30% are active professionally (university, research department, education, food industry...)
  • 10-20% are looking for a job


The portal ALUMNIL is the best means to keep in touch with UNIL. It offers a permanent email address, some invitations to events and information about the activities of alumni associations. The membership and ALUMNIL portal access are free.

To learn more and join the network ALUMNIL.


Polls about the future of our graduates

Inquiry results

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