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Start of academic year : new students

General welcome of the University of Lausanne

Every year, before the beginning of term, a welcome day is held by the University for the new students. This day is intended to get the students to know the services and faculties of the University of Lausanne and to discover the activities related to academic life.

> Friday the 12th september 2014, 10h00, Amphimax, 3503

You will find useful informations on SOC site.

Welcome by the Faculty of Biology and Medicine and the School of Biology.

The Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine holds a welcome session for the new students. The Director and staff of the School of Biology follow with a meeting to provide information specific to begin your year smoothly and to answer any questions.

The Biology Student Association and Pharmacy Student Association are present as well and present their views on how to have your studies go smoothly.

We highly recommend that new students take part in these sessions.

> Friday 12th September 2014, 13h00, Amphimax 350 (E. Hamburger)

Information week

During the first week of term, information sessions are held for each year of study.

These sessions are intended to present the objectives of the curriculum, organizational details and to answer all your questions.

For more details, please see the detailed programme. (coming soon)


Some advice to begin smoothly:

It is essential to activate your email account provided by the University for the duration of your studies, on the website of the Centre informatique.
You will need your username and your password to access the site for course and exam registration and for the portal MyUNIL, which enables you to obtain course materials and track your academic record.

The address were you can activate your email address is the following:
We recommend that you keep yourself informed about the development of your studies as soon as they begin, then regularly, by consulting the website of the School of Biology:
We recommend that you always refer to the legal texts, for which only the versions in French hold legal standing. 

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