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Word of the Direction

I’m pleased to welcome you to the website of the School of Biology of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine of the University of Lausanne.

Biology is a fascinating field and its importance to our society is becoming increasingly evident as with, for example, genetically personalised medicine, genetically modified organisms or climate change. That is why citizens with an understanding of biology are an asset to our society, even in non-biological professions.

Via a motivating curriculum, students who choose biology at the University of Lausanne acquire a broad knowledge in the field of biology, which extends from the molecules inside our cells to organisms within their environment. Importantly students also develop an analytical and critical mind as well as the abilities to learn independently, to work in a team and communicate in multiple languages, and to appreciate the importance of biology in our society. This curriculum prepares its graduates for careers in numerous areas including research and academic teaching, secondary school teaching, government, industry, media and politics, either within or outside of the field of biology.

The School of Biology provides a versatile curriculum for students who are fascinated by biology and aware of the importance of planning for their future. I encourage you to look through our website to learn what we have to offer.

Winship Herr

Short History

In 2003, following the transfer of mathematics physics and chemistry institutes from Faculty of Sciences of UNIL to EPFL, two new Faculties were created at UNIL : the Faculty of Biology and Medecin (FBM) and the Faculty of Geosciences and environment (FGSE)

The Faculty of Biology and Medecin results from the fusion of the old section of Biology of the ex Faculty of sciences with the Faculty of Medecin. This fusion generates an original synergy in Switzerland which allow to propose curriculum focused on mystery of life - its origin, its basic mecanisms, its evolution and its conservation- and to develop skills from fundamental research in labs to the daily practice at the patient's bed.

Simultaneously with the FBM foundation, 3 schools were created : the School of Biology, the School of Medecin and the Doctoral School. The Schools of Biology and Medecin are responsible for the education of the students of the 1st and 2nd cycle (= Bachelor and Master) and the Doctoral School for the students of 3rd cycle (PHD, MD-PHD...).

Since 2003 the curriculum proposed by the School of Biology have substancially evolved firstly to satisfy to the Bologne process and then with a reform of the programme of the Bachelor in Biology initiated in 2005 and achieved in 2010.

Some datas

The School of Biology manage the programme of Bachelor in Biology (3 years-180 credits ECTS) the first year of the programme of the Bachelor in Pharmacy (1 year - 60 creduts ECTS) and three masters of sciences in Biology (1.5 year - 90 credits ECTS).

The number of students registerd in these programmes has been increasing constantly for two years and the level of 500 students has been outnumbered for the first time at the academic start 2009.

To achieve the training and the support of the students, the School of Biology works with about 200 teachers. These teachers are distibuted among the majority of the 10 research departments of the section of fundamental sciences of the FBM. These departments are located on three different geographic sites in Lausanne : Dorigny, Bugnon and Epalinges

A tight collaboration exists also for the teaching and the Master thesis with the other schools of the FBM, the CHUV and the EPFL.



Presentation of the School of Biology

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