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Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation



The Master in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation is open to any student who wishes to combine an in-depth approach to ecology and evolution sciences with the opportunity to work on wildlife and/or the local flora.
The curriculum provides deep knowledge of the relationships living organisms establish with their environment, their peers, the resources they depend on and the dangers they face.
In addition to that, it offers highly specialised courses on the evolution of organisms and their mechanisms of adaptation to changing biotic and abiotic environmental conditions.

Throughout the various courses, students gain sound knowledge in the following fields: study of behaviour, genetics and population dynamics, phylogeography, molecular genetics, computer-assisted cartography, spatial ecology, statistics and programming tools.

Particular prominence is given to the design, development, monitoring, and presentation of a research programme and the realisation of a first personal work of research.

In addition to acquiring these skills, students following the Master of Science in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation are given the opportunity to develop their general thoughts on various important topics in today's society: for example, the measurement of climate change and the preservation of environment.

Head of the Master in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation

The person in charge of the Master in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation is professor

Claus Wedekind

(Department of Ecology and Evolution)



Most of the teachers of the Master in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation belong to the Department of Ecology and Evolution (DEE)

Others departments involved in this Master are Center for Integrative de Genomics (CIG) and the Department of Fundamental Microbiology (DMF)


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